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A Mother-Daughter Knitting Podcast.

On the Needles:(0:34)

Gigi is knitting the Poza cowl by Ysolda, out of Floating from A Verb For Keeping Warm.

The busy lace part is done, working on the rest, stockinette and small lace motifs for a few rows and

more stockinette

Jasmin has finished the front and back of  her Aumangea pullover by ArohaKnits (check the link for

a discount code from Frenchie!), and has finished the first sleeve cap.

Gigi knitted Hogwarts house colors from MustStashYarn for Genevieve. Toe kitcherering is left.


Jasmin has made some progress on her Sarcastic Unicorn Sockhead Cowl during  Stitches West.

This year Gigi  has Non-Euclidian heel socks on the needles in Paton's Kroy, working on three different pairs,

Cherry Pop Stripes, "Rainbow Stripes" and "Purple Haze". She needs to Kitchener all three.


Jasmin loves the otter cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (You can find all the live cams here.)


Gigi is knitting another Rocky Coast cardigan. She put Stitch markers after every 6 stitch pattern

repeat.  Modification: increases at the front, so it will close. Knitted everything I had frogged

Gigi cast on first project from Stitches West 2019


Drea’s Shawl out of Oink Pigment Sock in Birthday Suit, Zoot Suit, and Dijon Vu.

Jasmin is working on her Viajante.


Events: (12:33)

- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing.

- Stitches West recap

Dr Gemma's Cogknitive podcast

Backstage knitting podcast

We enjoyed Franklin Habit's opening night lecture on knitting mythology.

Jasmin did some virtual shopping at Lady Dye, Oink Pigments, Canon Hand Dyes,

Nerd Bird Makery

Dinner at ROC was amazing

We love Nicole Frost

Dish Dash was delivered

- StashFit Workbook (document your stash as it comes through the door)


In Stitches:(40:20)

- Jasmin: wool socks, looped loop cowl, Resistance hat, stripy cowl from Bjen, Gold Silk/Wool hat, Boxy

- Gigi : Quynn hat with ear flaps, Knitmore cowl, wool socks, Old V-neck, Beast Master shawl,

3color cowl, Fancy Zebra cowl

- Genevieve: Gryffindor scarf and hat,

- Rex: update on fox hat

- Andrew: Cashmere Andrew’s Watch Caps,


Mother Knows Best:(46:00)

Why Gramzie? (We mention the pilot of Agents of SHIELD)


When Knitting Attacks:(48:56)

Gigi :didn’t pay attention and ended up with all the sock stitches on one needle



This week we review:

Socks from Around Norway by Nina Granlund Sæther


And Sew On:(1:03:07)

Draped dress was due. Paper pattern, too.    

Noticed that I had had sewn the bodice backwards, and the darts were on the outside.

Ripped them out and put them inside.  

Also, draped  a sloper for knit fabric.  Less ease.

We mention Sew Many Dresses Sew Little time


Couldn’t get the teacher to tell us how draping is done on a live model

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