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Wool, Wool Everywhere!- Episode 17 - The Knitmore Girls

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Carrying the Torch - Episode 16 - The Knitmore Girls

On the Needles:

Gigi does Tai Chi. And some Olympic Knitting. Gigi is working on her Chic Knits Basic Chic Pulli and Jasmin is plugging along on her Ribbi Cardi. (Changes can be found later on the Ravelry project page.) Gigi will be setting in the zipper on Jasmin's Ribbi Cardi.

Jasmin is alternating Olympic Knitting with a little spinning. Pigeonroof Studios Superwash Merino in "Mushroom Caps".

Mother Knows Best:

Safety first! Alternate knitting with other tasks to reduce risk of repetitive stress injuries. Remember to ice.

If you must take an anti-inflammatory/painkiller, do, but put. Down. The. Knitting. Be safe.

When Knitting Attacks:

Being brilliant is not genetic, and Jasmin is living proof.


Sunday, August 17th: Monterey Wool Auction

Fun Stuff to try:
Tai Chi in the Rose Garden- Held in the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. Taught by Greg McKenna.
Yang Style Short Form
Tuesdays, 6:30 PM

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These are the Olympic Trials - Episode 15 - The Knitmore Girls

Gigi is working on Double basket socks- Sock #2. She has finished the "Right side wrong side cable" socks. She's running out of UFOs! Gigi is swatching for her Knitting Olympics Project.  This week, she has swatched the Freestone Firecracker handspun (pictured above) and the Creatively Dyed Ocean.

Jasmin has finished the first Butter Peeps sock (and is working on the second), and is plugging away at a handspun sock. She's knitting on a sock out of Creatively Dyed Ocean, Magic Loop style.  Jasmin has been keeping to the Social Pressure Experiment.

Both Jasmin and Gigi will be reviewing Shibui sock yarn- on a future episode.

Review: All's Well That Ends Well- Shakespeare Santa Cruz.
Jasmin isn't sure if the story or the production she didn't like. Listen for details.

Mother Knows Best: Olympic Health
-Do all your planning now. Avoid heartache.
Avoiding Olympic injury! Set a timer- every 15 minutes, get up and stretch. Do a Sun Salutation. Catch a bathroom break, drink water.
If your hands start to hurt, stop knitting right away, and go ice them.
Eat frequently and healthily. We're Olympians!

When Knitting Attacks:
Evidently, not being able to count is genetic. Who'd have thought?

Sunday, August 17th- Monterey Wool Auction
Friday, August 22nd- Burn This- Shakespeare Santa Cruz.

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