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Another one bites the dust - Episode 33 - The Knitmore Girls

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We would like to thank Gregory for substituting for Jasmin this week, who has lost her voice.

On the needles:

Gregory is working on a baby blanket (the baby was born three weeks ago). It is corner-to-corner, and has a few cables on it out of Baby Genius superwash wool.

Gigi is working on the second red Regia Saturn sock. She is close to finishing the second sleeve tonight.

Jasmin has cast on the Melon Lace shawl out of Victorian Lace Today out of the Tess' Yarns Superwash Merino Lace in "Mimosa Yellow". She has finished the spinning on the black and gold batt, and should be plying it tonight. With any luck, Gigi will be able to cast it on this week.

Congrats to gnat (of the BarkNKnit podcast) on her recent nuptuals!

They discuss the closure of Commuknity, which is the fifth LYS in our area to close this year. They discuss some of the ongoings in the related thread on Ravelry.


The last day to participate in our "Do some good" contest is January 1st. Prizes include three signed copies of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Free Range Knitter" and two skeins of Malabrigo sock yarn. For ideas on how you can do some good, you can take a peek on our Ravelry board. (Or you can help Stephanie meet her goal of raising one million dollars for Doctor's Without Borders!)

Mother Knows Best:

Gigi and Greg discuss various blocking techniques. This includes, specifically, Galina Khmeleva's technique that is used on Orenburg Lace Shawls.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi runs into a forgetful snag during Saturday Social Knitting.

Holidays with the Knitmores:

We talk about the best gifts that we gave for Christmas. Gigi suggests taking notes now as to who appreciated which gifts to put in with your holiday acoutrements (a holiday knitting time capsule, if you will), so you will remember next Christmas.

Gigi talks about giving her Wise Woman's Shawl by Bollweaver Yarns to Colleen's mom.

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Have a merry Knitmore Christmas! - Episode 32 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the needles:

Gigi is working on her second Honeycomb sock. She is also working on a pair of vanilla socks in the "Argyle Socks" colorway, which she bought at the Pajamma Jammie Jam sale at Purlescence.

Jasmin laments not finishing anything, and is getting ready to finish stuff. Jasmin continues to plug along on her Santa Fe Wrap.

The Knitmore Girls discuss re-purposing non-knitting items as tools.

Jasmin is still working on her pink Yucatan Orchid Socks.

Jasmin made AMAZING muffins (they had coffee, kahlua, and chocolate). You can find the recipe here. If you make them as muffins instead of as a cake, bake them for 20 mins at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and garnish them with a chocolate-dipped espresso bean.

Jasmin is nearly done spinning the black and gold batt from Crystal Creek Fibers. Her birthday gift (half of the dozen new colors of roving from Crown Mountain Farms- the other half are being given on Christmas).

Gigi is working on the Regia Jet Set socks, in a vanilla sock. She is also on the first sleeve of the neckdown wrap cardigan in Cascade Venezia.

Jasmin bought a cloche from the Mad Hattress in Los Gatos. She admits that she has never deliberately knit an item for the sole purpose of felting, but is now inspired to knit and felt a cloche. (Probably this cloche.)

Gigi is working on her Crystal Cove Pullover out of the Araucania. Gigi is also working on the On the Vine pattern out of the Buffalo Gals yarn.

Mother Knows Best:

Gigi is working on two skills: knitting without looking and knitting faster.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi decided to fuss with the On the Vine pattern - the first time she knit it. Jasmin points out that the unique constructions that are Brenda Patipa's stylistic trademark make it a little challenging to change her patterns- especially on the first go.

Jasmin talks about her knitting related injury from working on the Henry scarf.

Holidays with the Knitmores:

Jasmin and Gigi get into the holiday spirit! They attended the Sing-along night at Purlescence and had a BLAST!

Jasmin talks about her "holiday mix". This includes the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Carols for a Cure, and the Brian Setzer Holiday CD.

Please continue to participate in our "Do some good" contest- which ends January 1st. (Winners will be announced in Episode 34.)

One holiday request: please write us a review on iTunes! (You can get there by clicking into the iTunes Store, search "knitmore girls" and click "write a review".)

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Unearthing UFOs - Episode 31 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the needles:

Jasmin and Gigi have pulled some UFOs out of the closet! Jasmin picked up her Lady Eleanor again. Gigi knit one in 2006 out of SWTC's Karaoke, which she bought at Carolina Homespun. This is the project that got Gigi and Jasmin knitting backwards (the preferred method for knitting entrelac). Gigi is planning on knitting some entrelac socks out of Jasmin's handspun (the Freestone Firecracker). Jasmin's Lady Eleanor is knit out of the Paton's Soy Wool Stripes.

Jasmin thinks that that WEBS still has the Noro Silk Chunky on sale. (Wrong, but it's still a good value.) This would make a FABULOUS Lady Eleanor.

Jasmin was listening to Episode 20 of the Manic Purl podcast, and recommends it. It's about why we shop.

Jasmin has finished the body of her Pride sweater. The pattern has some math problems, but it's basic.

Gigi has unearthed her Neckdown Wrap Cardigan, which she is finishing for Jasmin.

Jasmin found the Crystal Creek Batt that she was spinning for Gigi (the black and gold), so she's working on that.

Gigi is working on a pair of Regia Galaxy socks, she's working on the Honeycomb socks from the Little Box of Socks (out of Black Wildfoote and Day-Glo Opal). Gigi has completed the Sharks watch cap for Sam.

Jasmin is working on her Yucatan Orchid socks. Woo!


The "Do some good" contest. Give what you can to who you can. The deadline for this contest is January 1st. Please let us know what you've done- either in our Ravelry group, or send us and e-mail. Prizes include three signed copies of Free Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and two skeins of Malabrigo sock yarn.

Mother Knows Best:

Our friend Teresa used to choose each project based on learning a new skill with each one. Gigi has decided to "do better". Gigi is practicing knitting without looking. Jasmin talks about some ways to start knitting in the dark.

When Knitting Attacks:

Jasmin apologizes for any misconceptions about the issue with the Knitpicks cable. They have phenomenal customer service. If you have experienced a problem with your Knitpicks needles, you can find their contact information here.

Gigi accidentally bought duplicate sock yarn at the Pajamma Jammie Jam. (Jasmin blames this on the early hour and 35% discount.)

Jasmin was on the hunt for needles. Apparently, the whole world is knitting with US size 3 and 4 Addi lace needles in the 60" length. (Jasmin needed these sizes/lengths to complete her Pride sweater, knitting two sleeves in the round at once using the Magic Loop technique.) Jasmin got excellent customer service at Commuknity!

Gigi has a "when spending attacks", where she bought Jasmin all of the new colors of the Crown Mountain Superwash roving for her birthday/Christmas gifts.

Holidays with the Knitmores:

Jasmin and Gigi have been reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's and Franklin Habit's blogs, and have noticed that they're stressing over holiday knitting. Deny that urge to knit a last-minute holiday gift.

(Check out the DROPS advents calendar!)

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Knitting by Twilight- Episode 30 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:

Gigi is working on the Honeycomb Socks (from the Little Box of Socks) with Day-Glo Opal and Black Wildfoote. She's also working on a snickerdoodle sock.

Jasmin continues to work on the items she started last week. This week, Jasmin finished Pair #5 of the Black Sock Project for Andrew. Jasmin has cast on another pair of vintage Lisa Souza socks in the colorway "Mahogany", in Serrano. Jasmin continues to work on her Pride Sweater. She's also plugging along on her Mesmer socks.

Gigi is stumbling on her knitting progress in favor of reading the Twilight series. Gigi, Jasmin, Tika, and their entourage went to see Twilight tonight, and Jasmin finished sock #1 of the Yucatan Orchid socks.

Jasmin has been working on her Santa Fe wrap. She has also finished spinning and plying her "Atlantis" sock yarn, from Crown Mountain. Jasmin has also been making some progress on the Maude vest.

Mother Knows Best:

Jasmin decided to knit on her Maude vest while watching a local production of The Nutcracker. This segment is about knitting stripes in the dark.


The "Do some good" contest- make the world a better place. Give a little of your time or resources, let us know, and become eligible to win one of three signed copies of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Free Range Knitter". We're also including two skeins of the new Malabrigo sock yarn in the bucket of prizes.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi's Snickerdoodle socks bite back.

Holidays with the Knitmore Girls:

Gigi wants to knit miniature versions of the year's projects as ornaments for her tree. Jasmin prefers a simpler way - putting odds and ends of yarn into glass ornaments. Leftover yarn can be used to make decorative tamari balls.

Jasmin reminisces about knitting baby booties out of 50 Baby Booties to Knit and using them as decorative tree ornaments.

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Knitting extravaganza! - Episode 29 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the needles:

The Knitmore Girls went to the Pajama Jammie Jam at Purlescence, and Gigi bought a bunch of Regia sock yarn, 2 skeins of the Franklin's Panopticon colorway of the Lorna's Laces shephard sock, 2 skeins of Argyle Socks (by Claudia's Handpainted yarns), and some Buffalo Gals yarnBrenda Patipa's "On the Vine" scarf. Jasmin bought 2 skeins of the the Panopticon colorway, 1 skein of Creatively Dyed "Ocean", and a JUMBO Ball winder.

Jasmin thinks she wants to weave because she saw this thread on the Lisa Souza board on Ravelry. She's contemplating selling the giant loom in order to buy a smaller loom that is more size appropriate to her house.

Jasmin finished her The Sea socks (out of the vintage Lisa Souza yarn)! She's also finished the Mesh Back Cardigan for Sandi. Jasmin cast on a pair of socks in the Schaefer "Anne" in the "Sarah" colorway.  Inspired by Stephanie, Jasmin cast on the "Santa Fe Wrap" from Simply Shetland 3. She's knitting it in Noro Kureyon Sock (Color S185) and Jamieson Shetland Spindrift 2-ply in Purple Heather. She's also knitting the Maude Vest (from Simply Shetland 2) in Kauni (in W-EQ and W-EL). She's also cast on a pair of Mesmer socks in Ginger Cinnabar (Colinette Jitterbug).

Gigi likes to put the date of purchase on her yarn. On Saturday, Gigi cast on the Regia Galaxy (in Saturn) with a Cobblestone cuff. Gigi finished her Upstream Socks. Gigi also bought some Araucania at Green Planet Yarns, which is going the be the Crystal Cove Pullover by Jill Vosburg.

Jasmin is having a bout of seriously awesome knitting mojo. Jasmin is also knitting some Yucatan Orchid (mmmm... cashmere!) socks in hot pink.


Give to charity, let us know, be eligible to win one of three signed copies of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Free Range Knitter".  Jasmin was listening to cogKNITive, and Dr. Gemma talked about Caps to the Capital, and how baby hats drastically decrease the incidence of infant mortality. Contest ends January 1st!

Mother Knows Best:

Picking colors. You can get your colors "done" (like in the 80's). Look at the colors against your skin, in natural sunlight. Also, a good LYS will have employees who will give you good advice on colors. Take a friend with you- the brutally honest one - to help you.

Listener Margaret told us about the Simply Socks Yarn Co, and how they send samples of sock yarn on little, business card-sized pieces of paper with a couple of slashes. It's a fantastic detail to add to a gift, and one could get 250 custom(ish) business cards from VistaPrint for the cost of shipping. (It's the same weight as our permission slip/business cards. Nice, heavy cardstock.)

Also, the Knitmore Girls have personalized labels from Charm woven Labels. They're a brilliant finishing touch.

When Knitting Attacks:

Jasmin was at the Firefly/Serenity convention in Burbank, CA last weekend, and packed her Pride sweater to work on. During one of the speakers, the tip of her circular needle came off. The cable detached from the needle. Jasmin and Ally harassed all the knitters they saw in the vendor hall, and a nearby gentleman gave them turn-by-turn directions to Unwind. (Thanks, Viva Scrapper!)

Jasmin bought a backup project, and the necessary replacement needle. She finished the ball of heavyweight AND half a sock in the remaining day. Also, Jasmin is unenthused with the Socks that Rock heavyweight. The color is not saturated (meaning the core of the yarn is still white), and there are loads of joins in the yarn.

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