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Another one bites the dust - Episode 33 - The Knitmore Girls

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We would like to thank Gregory for substituting for Jasmin this week, who has lost her voice.

On the needles:

Gregory is working on a baby blanket (the baby was born three weeks ago). It is corner-to-corner, and has a few cables on it out of Baby Genius superwash wool.

Gigi is working on the second red Regia Saturn sock. She is close to finishing the second sleeve tonight.

Jasmin has cast on the Melon Lace shawl out of Victorian Lace Today out of the Tess' Yarns Superwash Merino Lace in "Mimosa Yellow". She has finished the spinning on the black and gold batt, and should be plying it tonight. With any luck, Gigi will be able to cast it on this week.

Congrats to gnat (of the BarkNKnit podcast) on her recent nuptuals!

They discuss the closure of Commuknity, which is the fifth LYS in our area to close this year. They discuss some of the ongoings in the related thread on Ravelry.


The last day to participate in our "Do some good" contest is January 1st. Prizes include three signed copies of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Free Range Knitter" and two skeins of Malabrigo sock yarn. For ideas on how you can do some good, you can take a peek on our Ravelry board. (Or you can help Stephanie meet her goal of raising one million dollars for Doctor's Without Borders!)

Mother Knows Best:

Gigi and Greg discuss various blocking techniques. This includes, specifically, Galina Khmeleva's technique that is used on Orenburg Lace Shawls.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi runs into a forgetful snag during Saturday Social Knitting.

Holidays with the Knitmores:

We talk about the best gifts that we gave for Christmas. Gigi suggests taking notes now as to who appreciated which gifts to put in with your holiday acoutrements (a holiday knitting time capsule, if you will), so you will remember next Christmas.

Gigi talks about giving her Wise Woman's Shawl by Bollweaver Yarns to Colleen's mom.

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Have a merry Knitmore Christmas! - Episode 32 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the needles:

Gigi is working on her second Honeycomb sock. She is also working on a pair of vanilla socks in the "Argyle Socks" colorway, which she bought at the Pajamma Jammie Jam sale at Purlescence.

Jasmin laments not finishing anything, and is getting ready to finish stuff. Jasmin continues to plug along on her Santa Fe Wrap.

The Knitmore Girls discuss re-purposing non-knitting items as tools.

Jasmin is still working on her pink Yucatan Orchid Socks.

Jasmin made AMAZING muffins (they had coffee, kahlua, and chocolate). You can find the recipe here. If you make them as muffins instead of as a cake, bake them for 20 mins at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and garnish them with a chocolate-dipped espresso bean.

Jasmin is nearly done spinning the black and gold batt from Crystal Creek Fibers. Her birthday gift (half of the dozen new colors of roving from Crown Mountain Farms- the other half are being given on Christmas).

Gigi is working on the Regia Jet Set socks, in a vanilla sock. She is also on the first sleeve of the neckdown wrap cardigan in Cascade Venezia.

Jasmin bought a cloche from the Mad Hattress in Los Gatos. She admits that she has never deliberately knit an item for the sole purpose of felting, but is now inspired to knit and felt a cloche. (Probably this cloche.)

Gigi is working on her Crystal Cove Pullover out of the Araucania. Gigi is also working on the On the Vine pattern out of the Buffalo Gals yarn.

Mother Knows Best:

Gigi is working on two skills: knitting without looking and knitting faster.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi decided to fuss with the On the Vine pattern - the first time she knit it. Jasmin points out that the unique constructions that are Brenda Patipa's stylistic trademark make it a little challenging to change her patterns- especially on the first go.

Jasmin talks about her knitting related injury from working on the Henry scarf.

Holidays with the Knitmores:

Jasmin and Gigi get into the holiday spirit! They attended the Sing-along night at Purlescence and had a BLAST!

Jasmin talks about her "holiday mix". This includes the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Carols for a Cure, and the Brian Setzer Holiday CD.

Please continue to participate in our "Do some good" contest- which ends January 1st. (Winners will be announced in Episode 34.)

One holiday request: please write us a review on iTunes! (You can get there by clicking into the iTunes Store, search "knitmore girls" and click "write a review".)

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Unearthing UFOs - Episode 31 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the needles:

Jasmin and Gigi have pulled some UFOs out of the closet! Jasmin picked up her Lady Eleanor again. Gigi knit one in 2006 out of SWTC's Karaoke, which she bought at Carolina Homespun. This is the project that got Gigi and Jasmin knitting backwards (the preferred method for knitting entrelac). Gigi is planning on knitting some entrelac socks out of Jasmin's handspun (the Freestone Firecracker). Jasmin's Lady Eleanor is knit out of the Paton's Soy Wool Stripes.

Jasmin thinks that that WEBS still has the Noro Silk Chunky on sale. (Wrong, but it's still a good value.) This would make a FABULOUS Lady Eleanor.

Jasmin was listening to Episode 20 of the Manic Purl podcast, and recommends it. It's about why we shop.

Jasmin has finished the body of her Pride sweater. The pattern has some math problems, but it's basic.

Gigi has unearthed her Neckdown Wrap Cardigan, which she is finishing for Jasmin.

Jasmin found the Crystal Creek Batt that she was spinning for Gigi (the black and gold), so she's working on that.

Gigi is working on a pair of Regia Galaxy socks, she's working on the Honeycomb socks from the Little Box of Socks (out of Black Wildfoote and Day-Glo Opal). Gigi has completed the Sharks watch cap for Sam.

Jasmin is working on her Yucatan Orchid socks. Woo!


The "Do some good" contest. Give what you can to who you can. The deadline for this contest is January 1st. Please let us know what you've done- either in our Ravelry group, or send us and e-mail. Prizes include three signed copies of Free Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and two skeins of Malabrigo sock yarn.

Mother Knows Best:

Our friend Teresa used to choose each project based on learning a new skill with each one. Gigi has decided to "do better". Gigi is practicing knitting without looking. Jasmin talks about some ways to start knitting in the dark.

When Knitting Attacks:

Jasmin apologizes for any misconceptions about the issue with the Knitpicks cable. They have phenomenal customer service. If you have experienced a problem with your Knitpicks needles, you can find their contact information here.

Gigi accidentally bought duplicate sock yarn at the Pajamma Jammie Jam. (Jasmin blames this on the early hour and 35% discount.)

Jasmin was on the hunt for needles. Apparently, the whole world is knitting with US size 3 and 4 Addi lace needles in the 60" length. (Jasmin needed these sizes/lengths to complete her Pride sweater, knitting two sleeves in the round at once using the Magic Loop technique.) Jasmin got excellent customer service at Commuknity!

Gigi has a "when spending attacks", where she bought Jasmin all of the new colors of the Crown Mountain Superwash roving for her birthday/Christmas gifts.

Holidays with the Knitmores:

Jasmin and Gigi have been reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's and Franklin Habit's blogs, and have noticed that they're stressing over holiday knitting. Deny that urge to knit a last-minute holiday gift.

(Check out the DROPS advents calendar!)

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Knitting by Twilight- Episode 30 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:

Gigi is working on the Honeycomb Socks (from the Little Box of Socks) with Day-Glo Opal and Black Wildfoote. She's also working on a snickerdoodle sock.

Jasmin continues to work on the items she started last week. This week, Jasmin finished Pair #5 of the Black Sock Project for Andrew. Jasmin has cast on another pair of vintage Lisa Souza socks in the colorway "Mahogany", in Serrano. Jasmin continues to work on her Pride Sweater. She's also plugging along on her Mesmer socks.

Gigi is stumbling on her knitting progress in favor of reading the Twilight series. Gigi, Jasmin, Tika, and their entourage went to see Twilight tonight, and Jasmin finished sock #1 of the Yucatan Orchid socks.

Jasmin has been working on her Santa Fe wrap. She has also finished spinning and plying her "Atlantis" sock yarn, from Crown Mountain. Jasmin has also been making some progress on the Maude vest.

Mother Knows Best:

Jasmin decided to knit on her Maude vest while watching a local production of The Nutcracker. This segment is about knitting stripes in the dark.


The "Do some good" contest- make the world a better place. Give a little of your time or resources, let us know, and become eligible to win one of three signed copies of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Free Range Knitter". We're also including two skeins of the new Malabrigo sock yarn in the bucket of prizes.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi's Snickerdoodle socks bite back.

Holidays with the Knitmore Girls:

Gigi wants to knit miniature versions of the year's projects as ornaments for her tree. Jasmin prefers a simpler way - putting odds and ends of yarn into glass ornaments. Leftover yarn can be used to make decorative tamari balls.

Jasmin reminisces about knitting baby booties out of 50 Baby Booties to Knit and using them as decorative tree ornaments.

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Knitting extravaganza! - Episode 29 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the needles:

The Knitmore Girls went to the Pajama Jammie Jam at Purlescence, and Gigi bought a bunch of Regia sock yarn, 2 skeins of the Franklin's Panopticon colorway of the Lorna's Laces shephard sock, 2 skeins of Argyle Socks (by Claudia's Handpainted yarns), and some Buffalo Gals yarnBrenda Patipa's "On the Vine" scarf. Jasmin bought 2 skeins of the the Panopticon colorway, 1 skein of Creatively Dyed "Ocean", and a JUMBO Ball winder.

Jasmin thinks she wants to weave because she saw this thread on the Lisa Souza board on Ravelry. She's contemplating selling the giant loom in order to buy a smaller loom that is more size appropriate to her house.

Jasmin finished her The Sea socks (out of the vintage Lisa Souza yarn)! She's also finished the Mesh Back Cardigan for Sandi. Jasmin cast on a pair of socks in the Schaefer "Anne" in the "Sarah" colorway.  Inspired by Stephanie, Jasmin cast on the "Santa Fe Wrap" from Simply Shetland 3. She's knitting it in Noro Kureyon Sock (Color S185) and Jamieson Shetland Spindrift 2-ply in Purple Heather. She's also knitting the Maude Vest (from Simply Shetland 2) in Kauni (in W-EQ and W-EL). She's also cast on a pair of Mesmer socks in Ginger Cinnabar (Colinette Jitterbug).

Gigi likes to put the date of purchase on her yarn. On Saturday, Gigi cast on the Regia Galaxy (in Saturn) with a Cobblestone cuff. Gigi finished her Upstream Socks. Gigi also bought some Araucania at Green Planet Yarns, which is going the be the Crystal Cove Pullover by Jill Vosburg.

Jasmin is having a bout of seriously awesome knitting mojo. Jasmin is also knitting some Yucatan Orchid (mmmm... cashmere!) socks in hot pink.


Give to charity, let us know, be eligible to win one of three signed copies of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Free Range Knitter".  Jasmin was listening to cogKNITive, and Dr. Gemma talked about Caps to the Capital, and how baby hats drastically decrease the incidence of infant mortality. Contest ends January 1st!

Mother Knows Best:

Picking colors. You can get your colors "done" (like in the 80's). Look at the colors against your skin, in natural sunlight. Also, a good LYS will have employees who will give you good advice on colors. Take a friend with you- the brutally honest one - to help you.

Listener Margaret told us about the Simply Socks Yarn Co, and how they send samples of sock yarn on little, business card-sized pieces of paper with a couple of slashes. It's a fantastic detail to add to a gift, and one could get 250 custom(ish) business cards from VistaPrint for the cost of shipping. (It's the same weight as our permission slip/business cards. Nice, heavy cardstock.)

Also, the Knitmore Girls have personalized labels from Charm woven Labels. They're a brilliant finishing touch.

When Knitting Attacks:

Jasmin was at the Firefly/Serenity convention in Burbank, CA last weekend, and packed her Pride sweater to work on. During one of the speakers, the tip of her circular needle came off. The cable detached from the needle. Jasmin and Ally harassed all the knitters they saw in the vendor hall, and a nearby gentleman gave them turn-by-turn directions to Unwind. (Thanks, Viva Scrapper!)

Jasmin bought a backup project, and the necessary replacement needle. She finished the ball of heavyweight AND half a sock in the remaining day. Also, Jasmin is unenthused with the Socks that Rock heavyweight. The color is not saturated (meaning the core of the yarn is still white), and there are loads of joins in the yarn.

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Hark! The Harlot! - Episode 28 - The Knitmore Girls

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Customize, customize, customize! - Episode 27 - The Knitmore Girls

(Photo courtesy of Brenda Patipa)

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On the Needles:

Gigi is knitting Sam a beanie out of Claudia's Handpaints worsted (Sharks colorway). She is also knitting a sock in Meilenweit Jacquard (vanilla sock pattern) in with different shades of blue stripes, with Cat Bordhi's star toe.

Jasmin is working on the second vintage Lisa Souza sock (in The Sea). She is SO CLOSE to finishing test knitting a sweater for Sandi (from Purlescence). It is knit in Manos silk/wool, in a lovely olive green.

The Knitmore Girls advise against knitting yourself into hand pain. It's not worth it, and it's bad for you. If you develop hand pain, please see a physician.

Jasmin has been doing a little spinning. She is spinning up some of the Crown Mountain Farms Superwash merino in "Atlantis". It's lovely. (If you're not a spinner, Crown Mountain sells handspun sock yarn. You can find it here, but know that you'll be waiting a bit if you order it. Tell Klaus we say hi!)


We'll be running our "Do some good" contest through January 1st. Give of yourselves either on a global level, or a local level and send us an e-mail about it. (If you give to Doctors Without Borders, please CC us on the email you send to Stephanie.) We have THREE signed copies of Free-Range Knitter.

We will be airing our chat with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka, The Yarn Harlot) in Episode 28, airing on 11/23/2008.


The Yarn Thing/Knaked Knits KAL-CAL deadline has been extended to Thanksgiving (November 27th).

Mother Knows Best:

Cast on a few "brainless" knitting projects for on-the-go knitting. (During the holidays "high bandwidth" projects seem to fall by the wayside.)

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi recommends reading your notes. Carefully. She also recommends following directions carefully when you're executing a new technique for the first time.


Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. This is a fabulous book. (DO NOT let anyone make a duct tape dummy of you. You've been warned.) We love it. Do yourself a favor, get your hands on a copy.

Jasmin is going to knit the "Favorite Cardigan" with the pink cashmere. (Jasmin engineered underarm gussets for the Gold Bullion Sweater and the Rugby Pinup Sweater.)

(Apologies for the squeaking in the background, Elphie decided this segment was a great time to play with her squeaky toys, and chase her tail, and we were hoping that the mics wouldn't pick it up. Niki, on the other hand, was very quiet.)

[As an aside, the awesome hair stuff Jasmin uses is "DevaCurl". They also have a line for people with straight hair called "DevaCare", but we haven't used that one.]

[Sorry, no links for the "Green Shruggy Thing". I'll look in my magazine stash and see if I can dig up the name and a picture of it in Ravelry.]

Gigi loves the "HOAX Fashion Formula" book from the '80s.

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On the Needles:

Gigi has finished her Zig Zag Slip Stitch Socks!

Jasmin finished her Mushroom Caps socks, and promptly cast on an Andrew-Style vanilla sock (ribbing all the way down the cuff, and the top of the foot) in a vintage Lisa Souza sock yarn in "The Sea".

Also, Jasmin had an essay in Episode 70 of Cast-on! (Go listen!)

Jasmin is still working on her Sandi sweater in the Manos silk and wool (olive green). Despite how lovely the yarn is, the knots are vexing.

Gigi is working on an Upstream sock, and a Foxglove Sock. The Upstream sock is being knit in a fall-ish colorway of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn (missing the label, of course), and the Foxglove sock is in Blue Moon Socks that Rock in "Tiger's Eye".

Jasmin loves wristers. Colleen made her a pair of Fetchings, and later, she knit a pair of theelbow-length wristers from Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch.

Jasmin bought a little yarn. She got some Woobu in "In the Navy" and a sweater's worth of Heavyweight STR in "Pride". She also got a FABULOUS cardigan pattern (The Vermont Fiber Designs "Simple Cardigan").

Also, if you're knitting socks as gifts, shoot us an e-mail and we'll be happy to send you the label template, free!

We got a cafepress order! Gigi got her 1000 Knitters shirt, and we both got Dolores 2008 and "I'm kind of a knitting superhero" mugs to inspire us.


We have winners! (Names are not posted on show notes, but are in the podcast. Winners have been e-mailed.)

The "Do some good" contest! 

We have 3 signed copies of "Free Range Knitter" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Stephanie has done loads of fundraising for Doctors Without Borders. So, we're asking you to donate to Doctors Without Borders (please CC us on the e-mail you send to Stephanie), knit for charity, give canned food to your local food donation location. (We give to Second Harvest Food Bank.)

This is on your honor, so e-mail us once you've done your donating. 

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi has been flattened by her knitting. Her Knitting Pure and Simple Wrap Cardigan (out of Cascade Venezia) with shaping turned out ... wrong for her. But SO right for Jasmin!

Jasmin's yarn refuses to cooperate, despite having been perfectly well-behaved while it was being wound.

Mother Knows Best:

Gigi found a gem on the German knitting board on Ravelry - putting the information of the socks that you're working on an index card, and wrap a yard of leftover yarn around it for any future darning. Jasmin has firm plastic holders from the Japanese Stationary store that help maintain the integrity of the index card. (You can get these at Maido or Kinokuniya.)

Book Review:

The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. Four Knitmore thumbs down. 


Gigi has a new niece! Desiree had her baby!

Team in Training:

Our friend Mari talks about her work with Team in Training. You can read about it on her blog, or contact her on Ravelry to give.

If you're not on Ravelry, you can contact Mari for details on how to donate atshewalks2008[AT]gmail[DOT]com .
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To gift or not to gift?- Episode 25 - The Knitmore Girls

On the Needles:

Gigi finished her Icarus! Also, the Knitmore Girls need to do some serious blocking (including Gigi's "Flamingo Feathers" (really a Peacock Plumes shawl made in pink Malabrigo laceweight) and "Fischu".

Jasmin is still working on her Day-Glo sock #2 and her Mushroom Caps sock #2, and has finished the spinning for her (future) toe-up rainbow socks. Jasmin is also spinning a batt from Crystal Creek Fibers (silk and ramboullet) for Gigi. She's also finishing a sweater for Sandi (at Purlescence Yarns).

Gigi is working on her Neck Down Wrap Caridgan. She's still working on the Coriolis, Upstream socks, and the Zig Zag Slip Stitch socks.

Tika started her NaNoSweMo sweater (Selina from Rowan) out of felted tweed.

The girls decided that finishing UFOs feels good. (Jasmin's zippy UFO boxes can be found here.)


Submit your knitting jokes/limericks by November 7th. Winners will be announced in Episode 26. The prizes are a signed copy of Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitting (Book One) and A Treasury of Magical Knitting.

When Knitting Attacks:

We talk about taking on too much holiday knitting, baking, and sewing.

Mother Knows Best:

Only knit for people who desperately beg for knitted gifts. If people don't beg, they won't appreciate it. (The cashmere socks were the Whitby socks from Knitting on the Road, and Jasmin used the charcoal grey Grignasco cashmere.) This year, Gigi is knitting a Sharks hat for Sam (the Knitmore Boy) out of the Claudia's Handpaint worsted in "Sharks".

Instead of giving kids knitted gifts, give them the gift of time, or books!


NaNoSweMo - National Sweater Knitting Month. Now is a great time to knit a first sweater, and Jasmin recommends starting with a baby sweater.
NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month

If you're a US listener (who is eligible to vote) go and vote on Tuesday!

We're taking on official sponsorship. Promote your patterns or your Etsy shop! Send us an e-mail for details.

You can see us posing for Brenda Patipa's "On the Vine" in Ravelry!

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Frogging Technology - Episode 24 - The Knitmore Girls


New equipment! Now we should sound as dulcet as Brenda Dayne. (Please send us any feedback you have about the sound.)

Marly (from the Yarn Thing Podcast) and Sydney (from the Knaked Knits Podcast) are hosting the Holiday KAL-CAL. (Last year's Holiday KAL-CAL podcast can be found here.)

Changelings Knit and Stitch - Go and listen!

On The Needles:

Gigi is still working on her Zig Zag Slip Stitch socks from the Little Box of Socks
Jasmin has finished her first Day-Glo sock (which is the same yarn as Gigi's contrast color for her ZZSS Socks), and started the second sock.
The Social Pressure Experiment is going well. In addition to the 25 lbs of yarn that Jasmin got rid of last weekend, she's purged another 3 big bags. Tika finished her Elphaba Knee Socks, and got wine when we went to Unwined to listen to Juanita sing with the Jack Conway Trio.
Gigi has been purging knitting bags. Jasmin likes her good bags (like the Amy Butler bag, or the Tom Bihn bag - especially the sock baggie), but noticed that she's always using the canvas bags from individual vendors.
Gigi wants to hear from you: what makes an optimal knitting bag.
Jasmin's Lily of the Valley shawl caught on the velcro in her work bag.
Jasmin is a little over halfway done with spinning the yarn for her rainbow socks.

Mother Knows Best:

Our friend, Ursula is knitting her husband a sweater with a bunch of texture, and was unsure as to whether the neck decreases would work out correctly. The solution? A neck swatch!
To do a neck swatch:
Figure out the total number of neck decreases. Add a few stitches to that. Follow directions for neck decreases. It really works.

When Knitting Attacks:

Technology attacked, and the end result? New recording equipment for the podcast.
Gigi cast on a sock out of the Tess' Yarns sock yarn (which Gigi and Jasmin both loooove!), and neglected to swatch. The sock was eeeensy weensy!
Jasmin should not do math for a Cat Bordhi sock at 11PM. When will I ever learn?!


Your donations help the podcast run, so thanks a MILLION!


The Cat Bordhi knitting joke & limerick contest deadline has been extended to Friday, November 7th.  Send us your limericks and jokes!

A limerick looks like this:

We host a knitting podcast,
Which normally is a real blast.
When technology fails,
Jasmin weeps and she wails,
With Gigi watching nearby, aghast.

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A little loopy - Episode 23 - The Knitmore Girls

Show notes to be posted.
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Ooooh, shiny! - Episode 22 - The Knitmore Girls

On The Needles:

Gigi is working on the Zig Zag Slip Stitch Socks (out of Black Regia and Day-Glo colored Opal), Jasmin is doing a pair of vanilla socks out of the Day-Glo colored Opal.

Jasmin is having problems getting rid of background noise in the interview with the Yarn Harlot - please send an e-mail if you're an audio whiz. Please.

Jasmin is about to finish her second footprint (a la the Houdini Sock).

Gigi is knitting Fortissima Colori (a sparkly one), using Judy's Magic Cast On (which we learned in Cat's class).  Gigi is combining techniques from Cool Socks, Warm Feet and Cat's class.

Jasmin is spinning hot pink sock yarn, and Going Home from Crown Mountain Farms. She also has commitment issues when it comes to big projects- whether it's knitting or spinning.

Gigi asks, "When does a project become an 'UFO'?"

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi has a stash full of yarn and nothing to knit.

Mother Knows Best:

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's sock washing method. Gigi learns that generic bobbins don't work so well in her Janome sewing machine.


October 16-19 Pacific International Quilt Festival (at the Santa Clara Convention Center)
(Gigi will be there in her Red Fedora. In class on Thursday, shopping the market on Friday and Saturday.)
October 18th (Saturday) - Color Fiber Festival (in Berkeley). Jasmin will be there, with her hot pink hair.

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This Cat Makes Us Purr - Episode 21 - The Knitmore Girls

In favor of our chat with Cat Bordhi, we will be omitting our regular segments this week.

New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One (Book Two is in progress!). We promise these socks are simpler than they seem!

The 2009 Sock Summit. Be there ... or you know, read about it later.

Lucy Neatby's DVDs- not to be missed!

Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks for Warm Feet, and the Little Box of Socks.

The Golden Gate Fiber Institute.

Cat's novel - written in media res, like a moebius.

Some of the original sock books:

Socks- Spin-off
Folk Socks by Nancy Bush
Ethnic Socks and Stockings by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts
Fancy Feet - Anna Zilboorg

Fancy Image Yarns
- Gigi's first source of sock yarn.

Blogs that inspired Jasmin's spinning resurgence:

The Yarn Harlot
The Panopticon
January One - where she found out about Crown Mountain Farms

The Yarn Boutique - Lafayette, CA

Gigi got some Kramer Yarns Sterling, Jasmin got some Kauni.

Join our contest - Cat wants knitting jokes! Submit your jokes to us at Prizes include signed copies of  A Treasury of Magical Knitting and New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One .

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This Cat makes us purr - Episode 21 Teaser - The Knitmore Girls
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Whole Lotta Knittin' Goin' On - Episode 20 - The Knitmore Girls

On The Needles:

Gigi and Jasmin went to the Rosicrucian Museum and admired ancient textiles. [Our friend there was Karenzknitknacks, not Karenbynight.]

Jasmin finished her Baby Surprise Jacket, and her Sirius socks. She is casting on a new pair of handspun socks out of Pigeonroof Studios "Mushroom Caps."

Gigi is knitting a "vanilla sock" out of Lana grossa Meilenweit in color 5565 (it looks like Trekking), with a Strong Heel (from the Little Box of Socks).

Jasmin is working on a sweater for the Purlescence gals (one of their original designs) out of the Manos Silk and Wool.

Jasmin finished the spinning on her Pigeonroof Studios Superwash Blue Faced Leicester in "Violet Cherry."

Gigi is knitting the Knitting Pure and Simple Wrap Cardigan in Cascade Venezia.

When Knitting Attacks!

Jasmin had technology go terribly awry when trying to load the video of the sheep shearing onto the computer. As promised:

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Gigi had killer dust bunnies (with BIG TEETH!) in her sewing machine.

Mother Knows Best:

When you're done sewing, take the little brush, and tidy up your machine. A keyboard vaccuum and compressed air also work nicely for sewing machine maintenence/clean-up. Ursula bought Gigi this magnetic light for her sewing machine!

Jasmin loves continued education, and she and Gigi will be taking a class from Cat Bordhi in Lafayette, CA on Saturday, September 27th at Yarn Boutique

The Stitches West class catalog is up!


Saturday, September 27 & Sunday, September 28th:

Saturday, October 4th- The Yarn Harlot. Copperfield's Books in Santa Rosa.
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Back from Boonville - Episode 19 - The Knitmore Girls

Show notes to be posted.
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Finishing up a storm! - Episode 18 - The Knitmore Girls

On the Needles:

Gigi has finished her Olympic Sweater and her Waves and Piers socks (from the Little Box of Socks). She has run out of UFOs!

Jasmin has finished her Hedera Socks (made of copper-colored Koigu) and her fuschia ribbon shell (made of the Tess Designer Yarns Microfiber Ribbon).

[Tess Yarns is also a mother-daughter operation!] Follow the direction on the label as to how to wind the ribbon, and use Fray-Chek to secure your end. You'll thank us later.

Jasmin suggests watching an episode of something (like Deadwood [Mature Content], Big Bang Theory, or Shark Attack in the Mediterranean) while you carefully wind the ribbon.

Jasmin has spun some day-glo colored sock yarn out of CrazyMonkey roving. It's FABULOUS and retina-searing.

Hunting for inspiration, Jasmin tripped across the Henley Perfected in Ravelry. I "favorite"d this one.

Gigi mentioned permission slips for changing patterns in Episode 17. The card is a business card on the front and reads "This grands official permission to change patterns at will." We're giving these out in person, but if you'd like one and are not a local listener, we will be happy to mail them out for a $1 donation. This covers the stamp and envelope, and gives us a little pocket change for operational costs and show-related travel. (Click the Paypal button in the sidebar and donate if you're interested in participating.)

Fleeces! Listener Mollie pointed out that Jasmin had neglected to describe the fleeces from the wool auction. Jasmin whittled it down to the six fleeces she has snippets of. It turns out, they're all different shades of grey.  Shari from Morro Fleece Works is in posession of all dirty fleeces. (We love her.)

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi's collar on her Olympic Sweater was... off. She "auf'd" it, and reknitted it. Twice. It's better now.

Jasmin's knitting is not agreeing with her. Jasmin bought the mohair pictured above (with No-Blog-Rachel) for the Cardigan to Love. After a long day, late at night, Jasmin messed up the sweater on row 5 of the lace pattern. In mohair. That now needs ripping. Jasmin went stash diving and cast on the Henley Perfected.


Jasmin and Gigi will be attending the California Wool & Fiber Festival! We will be there Friday, September 12th and Saturday, September 13th. Come and say hi! )

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Wool, Wool Everywhere!- Episode 17 - The Knitmore Girls

Show notes soon!
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Carrying the Torch - Episode 16 - The Knitmore Girls

On the Needles:

Gigi does Tai Chi. And some Olympic Knitting. Gigi is working on her Chic Knits Basic Chic Pulli and Jasmin is plugging along on her Ribbi Cardi. (Changes can be found later on the Ravelry project page.) Gigi will be setting in the zipper on Jasmin's Ribbi Cardi.

Jasmin is alternating Olympic Knitting with a little spinning. Pigeonroof Studios Superwash Merino in "Mushroom Caps".

Mother Knows Best:

Safety first! Alternate knitting with other tasks to reduce risk of repetitive stress injuries. Remember to ice.

If you must take an anti-inflammatory/painkiller, do, but put. Down. The. Knitting. Be safe.

When Knitting Attacks:

Being brilliant is not genetic, and Jasmin is living proof.


Sunday, August 17th: Monterey Wool Auction

Fun Stuff to try:
Tai Chi in the Rose Garden- Held in the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. Taught by Greg McKenna.
Yang Style Short Form
Tuesdays, 6:30 PM

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These are the Olympic Trials - Episode 15 - The Knitmore Girls

Gigi is working on Double basket socks- Sock #2. She has finished the "Right side wrong side cable" socks. She's running out of UFOs! Gigi is swatching for her Knitting Olympics Project.  This week, she has swatched the Freestone Firecracker handspun (pictured above) and the Creatively Dyed Ocean.

Jasmin has finished the first Butter Peeps sock (and is working on the second), and is plugging away at a handspun sock. She's knitting on a sock out of Creatively Dyed Ocean, Magic Loop style.  Jasmin has been keeping to the Social Pressure Experiment.

Both Jasmin and Gigi will be reviewing Shibui sock yarn- on a future episode.

Review: All's Well That Ends Well- Shakespeare Santa Cruz.
Jasmin isn't sure if the story or the production she didn't like. Listen for details.

Mother Knows Best: Olympic Health
-Do all your planning now. Avoid heartache.
Avoiding Olympic injury! Set a timer- every 15 minutes, get up and stretch. Do a Sun Salutation. Catch a bathroom break, drink water.
If your hands start to hurt, stop knitting right away, and go ice them.
Eat frequently and healthily. We're Olympians!

When Knitting Attacks:
Evidently, not being able to count is genetic. Who'd have thought?

Sunday, August 17th- Monterey Wool Auction
Friday, August 22nd- Burn This- Shakespeare Santa Cruz.

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Flirting With Startitis- Episode 14 - The Knitmore Girls

On the Needles:

Gigi is having some focus issues, due to exhaustion.  There was a "Small Wings" sock incident.
Jasmin's "pre-bed" knitting is a little more complicated- a Monkey sock (out of Regia silk) and a Hedera (Koigu) are on her nightstand.
Jasmin has finished her Tour de Fleece spinning (the Berry Patch colorway, Judy's Novelty Yarns). There is a total of 24 oz spun and plied. Listen for the method! This may become a Ribbi Cardi (for the 2008 Knitting Olympics).
Gigi is still working her way through the Little Box of Socks. She's hoping to knit herself a pair of Roman Rib socks.
Jasmin has been sticking to The Agreement with Tika, and has finished two pairs of socks. The first is her "She's Like a Rainbow" Socks (handspun by Jasmin from Crown Mountain Farms). She's also finished the Regia Silk socks (colorway 0190).
Gigi has restarted her Nicky Epstein Felted Rose Trellis Bag after ripping it out 8 or 10 times.
To buy wonderful silk fabric, try Thai Silks in Los Altos.
We want to use the silk to line our Philsopher's Wool sweaters.
Jasmin is on a starting binge. She's just cast on some handspun yarn (roving from Girl on the Rocks, colorway "Sirius").
Gigi has wound her yarn for her Basic Chic Pulli (that's her Knitting Olympics project).
Jasmin is also knitting a pair of socks out of Dream in Color Smooshy (color, Butter Peeps), a pair out of Lisa Souza's Hardtwist merino (color, Blueflame), some Creatively Dyed Yarns "Ocean" (color # 533), and some Tess Yarns' Peruvian Sock (color, Peach Melba). All of this is for review, later.

Jasmin attended Shakespeare Santa Cruz's production of Romeo and Juliet.  It was SUPER GOOD!  The balcony scene made Jasmin feel 14 years old again. You should go to their shows- they cast pretty and hunky people.

Stitch and Pitch:
Jasmin and Andrew went up with the Purlescence crowd, ate junk food, and had a pretty good time.

When Knitting Attacks:
Jasmin's handspun "Ain't no mountain high enough" handspun (roving from Crown Mountain Farms) is terribly overspun and over-Navajo Plied. Terribly, tragically overspun and overplied. She's ripping it out and getting rid of the yarn.
Gigi is working on her "Perfect T" sweater, but her sleeves aren't quite working out.

Mother Knows Best:
Gigi will make a paper pattern with the dimensions before knitting another sweater to ensure proper fit.
To deal with yarn that has been frogged, re-skein the yarn, soak it in warm-ish water for 15 minutes, and hang it to dry with a tiny bit of weight suspended off of it. Too much weight will damage the yarn, so be careful.

Friday, August 1st- All's Well that Ends Well, at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. Come KIP with us with culture!
Sunday, August 17th- Monterey Wool Auction
Friday, August 22nd- Burn This- Shakespeare Santa Cruz.

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Knitmore at Leipzig - Episode 13 - The Knitmore Girls

Show notes up soon!
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Frankly, Franklin! - Episode 12 - The Knitmore Girls

This week, we interview Franklin Habit. "It Itches" will be launching in October at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival (Rhinebeck). Check out the preview.

We talk about "It Itches", and the 1000 Knitters Project. Franklin is charming, and we are charmed by him.

Jasmin tells Franklin that his lace was what inspired her to knit lace.

Franklin's current yarn obsession is with silk. Read about it!

We talk about the sheep in the room: 2008 Fibertarian Presidential Candidate, Delores Van Hoofen. Nominee Van Hoofen is calling out her Canadian Fibertarian competition. Bring it, Stephanie!

We also talk about the Lorna's Laces Franklin's Panopticon colorway!

Jasmin conveys No-blog-Rachel's long-standing love for Franklin. He loves you back!

Readers: don't be shy! Talk to Franklin. He's terribly sweet.

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Yarn fumes! - Episode 11 - The Knitmore Girls

Jasmin and Gigi have been down sick (or traveling), so here's another double episode!


Jasmin's "Not Your Standard Issue Sweatshirt" made of the diVe "Autunno". Ravelry link here.
(Her changes include darts, lenthening the sweater, knitting it in the round, and knitting the sleeves top-down-magic-loop-two-at-a-time.) The trick to knitting sleeves top-down is to reverse the directions. Bwa ha ha.

Yarn Review:

DiVe "Autunno". Lots of knots. 9 balls, each ball had a knot. Jasmin was not pleased. She won't buy it again. Uncool.

Jasmin likes the Yarn Girls' books for handpainted yarns.

Jasmin is knitting another "NYSIS" out of Malabrigo "Little Lovely". She also bought yarn while traveling in Maine.

Speaking of traveling, please join my "kindness, pleasant, and decent" movement. This is redundant, I'm sure for our listeners, but pay it all forward.

Jasmin's new spinning wheel arrived! It's 30" double treadle Schacht-Reeves Saxony wheel in Cherry. Friends conspired, and the wheel was waiting for her upon her arrival.

Jasmin is breaking it in and remembering that it's a bit of work. Breaking in a wheel means getting all the parts lubricated and moving. Alas, she [the wheel] needs a name. Suggestions?

On the Needles:

Gigi is trying to get through her Icarus. She's doing the double basket socks, and has finished the Monarch Casbah socks. FO!

Gigi has also been lusting after some Regia since January, and Purlescence put it on sale. "High on wool fumes" doesn't begin to describe it.

It turns out that Jasmin isn't a stash-buster. Her stash has gotten her through some slim times. Like a savings account, minus the interest.

We talk about the evolution of our knitting, from Jasmin's functional obsession with socks to lace, Gigi's knitting changes because she's going through a period of personal growth. Growing as a knitter makes them feel smart.

Jasmin has put together a label to use on her gift socks. It looks like this:

Dee Socks

If you'd like the template (in Word), shoot us an e-mail and we'll send it to you.

Mother Knows Best:

When knitting lace in dark colors, have something white on your lap to help with the contrast.

Ease gives Gigi a hard time.

When Knitting Attacks:

Figure out ease before you start knitting.

Knitting Events:

Tour de Fleece. Spin up your stuff during the Tour de France. Jasmin is using the Tour de Fleece to "train" for the Knitting Olympics. (The Knitting Olympics start 8/8/08.) Join Team Knitmore! (We'll have a logo soon.)

Thanks to our show sponsor, Purlescence Yarns.

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Double Your Knitmore, Double Your Fun - Episode 10 - The Knitmore Girls Show notes will be posted 6/23/08.
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Seeking inspiration - Episode 9 - The Knitmore Girls

On the needles:

Gigi- checkerboard socks out of Casbah in Monarch

Jasmin- still working on the Blackberry Swirl socks, and has cast on the Adamas shawl out of Colrain Lace in Grape Jelly on size 4 needles.

Gigi is going to cast on her Somoko yarn. Pattern will be the Curved Lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi needs a bout of startitis. She's out of interesting UFOs. Jasmin needs to finish an 8 year old UFO.

Mother Knows Best:

Spit splicing. A good idea, but spit is icky, and so is chewing on yarn. Use a shotglass, dip your joined section, and rub between your hands. This way, your garment stays spit-free!


WorldWide Knit in Public Day! Saturday, June 14th. We'll be at Santana Row from 1PM- 4PM. Be there!

Seasonal Knitting:

What do you knit in the summertime? We knit socks, lace, and microfiber ribbon shells.

Jasmin needs to finish her Tempting shell.

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Do what you love, love what you do - Episode 8 - The Knitmore Girls

On the Needles:

Review: Heritage Sock Yarn by Cascade Yarns (courtesy of Purlescence Yarns)

Jasmin is getting roughly 8 sts/in on US 1 1/2 Hiya Hiya needles. (Buy them at your LYS!) The yarn has fabulous stitch definition and a terrific hand. It also has a decent price point for a handpainted sock yarn. ($17-$18/ 100g)

Mother Knows Best:

Try new things! You don't have to stick with a hobby if you don't love it anymore.
You also don't have to do 100% of everything for your interest. If you buy a fleece, you don't have to process it yourself. Send it to Shari at Morro Fleece Works! (She's fabulous.)
If you're not sure, process a handful of the fleece yourself. That's a decent representative sample of the whole process.

Out and About:

Spinning at the Retzlaff winery. Lots of people, more vendors, and TWO chickens! Good wine, good company, good wool. Good times.

Join us for Worldwide Knit in Public Day! We'll be at Santana Row.

When Knitting Attacks!

  • Busy and dark yarns don't suit heavily textured patterns.
  • When knitting slip-stitch patterns, add a little ease for those slipped stitches.
  • Jasmin attends Man of La Mancha with Nathania, Sandi, and Kathy in San Jose, and drops her tape measure LOUDLY at Man of La Mancha, and everyone drops stitches. That's how good it was.

Special Thanks to:

Stitch Stud- banner and badge in Ravlery
Purlescence Yarns- Heritage Yarn
Patrick Lydon- Theme Song
Gretchen - laugh track and ambient drop spindle-dropping

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Get out and knit! - The Knitmore Girls - Episode 7

On the needles:

Right side wrong side socks - Gigi (from the Little Box of Socks) knit with the Jojoland Melody sock yarn.

Persephone scarf
- Jasmin - by Miriam Felton (she also designed the Juno Regina). Out of handspun Buffalo Gals bison.

Mystery socks are: Pagewood Farms Yukon Bamboo Sock yarn.

Desirée Baby Sweater Knit-a-long:
Gigi is knitting the Baby Yeti, Jasmin is knitting the Garter Rib sweater.

When Knitting Attacks:
Memorial Day sales lend themselves well to splurging on cashmere.

Mother Knows Best:

Get out and knit! Socialize!  Go to Stitch and Pitch!

Knitting News:

Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery- Saturday, May 31st.
Worldwide Knit in Public Day- June 14. We'll be at Santana Row

Other Stuff:
Franklin's Blog

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Socks and Stuff - Episode 6 - The Knitmore Girls  

Even snowmen knit socks!
(Snowman is posing with my mystery sock.)

On the needles:

Lots of socks.

When Knitting Attacks:

  • Gigi realizes that there is not enough yardage in the Artyarns Supermerino worsted to knit them on itty bitty needles.
  • Jasmin is still Sock Blocked.

Mother knows best:

  • Swatch for your socks. Really.
  • Graft "Hand wash only" socks with red yarn. This is a visual cue to not just throw them in the wash. Also, differentiated labels (red font vs black font) are also quite effective.

We love your feedback! We'll respond to every comment and e-mail - please remember to include your e-mail address (in the given spot) with your comments!

Let us know if there's a topic you'd like to have covered.

World Wide Knit in Public Day!
Saturday, June 14th. We'll be at Santana Row around 1 or 2 PM, knitting until (at least) 4 or 5 PM. Join us! (You may want to bring a chair.)

Plan ahead. Start your winter holiday knitting now! We know it's hot, but really, you'll thank us later.

The First Knitmore Girls Knit-a-Long!

The "Desirée Baby Sweater Knit-a-Long". Knit the baby sweater of your choice. Start soon! (We're putting together a Ravelry group, I promise.)
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Mother's day special - Episode 5 - The Knitmore Girls

Happy Mother's Day! Have a margarita.

Pause the podcast and call your mother!

Done? Good, let's move on.

Gigi reminisces on past Mother's days.

On the Needles:
Mother's day gifties! Red lace yarn, glass circular needles from Michael & Sheila Ernst, and the Persephone Scarf

Learning together:
Knit to fit- Rick Mondragon
Corset making
Judith MacKenzie Dyeing clss
TA-ing for each other

When Knitting Attacks:
Gigi's Einstein goes haywire. The "Frankenstein Sweater". (Available in The Knit Stitch.)
Jasmin's Einstein kills her knitting mojo. Gigi finishes it, and Jasmin gives the accursed thing to Ursula.
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TV to knit by - Knitmore Girls - Episode 4

This week, we talk about TV shows to knit by.

On the Needles:
-Jasmin's Monkey sock, part deux
-Fighting Sock Block
-Gigi works through the Little Box of Socks

When Knitting Attacks:
-Jasmin can't close a toe.

Mother Knows Best: Fighting Second Sock Sydrome

- Cast on both socks simultaneously.
- Cast on Second sock as SOON as the first sock has been completed.

TV to knit by:

Garter St Shows- these need most of your attention on the screen:
-Boston Legal
-Dancing with the Stars
-Dexter (MA)
-The Tudors (MA)

Ribbing shows- these shows need only partial attention to the screen:
-Blood Ties
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Project Runway
-Top Chef ** (Drool advisory)
-Dirty Jobs** (Drool advisory)
-BBC Robin Hood

Lace shows- you don't even need to look at the screen for these:
-One Tree Hill
-Naked Archaeologist
-Desperate Housewives
-Grey's Anatomy
-Hell's Kitchen

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There is no cure like travel! - The Knitmore Girls - Episode 3

(Yes, this really is my luggage.)

Listen here:

This week, Gigi has startitis and works on her (slightly troubled) t-shirt sweater. Jasmin is working on her hot pink Ice Queen, and buys some roving (for science!) at Color: A Fiber Festival.

(Vendors we talk about include Tactile Fiber Arts / A Verb for Keeping Warm, Pigeonroof Studios, and Girl on the Rocks.)

Travel Knitting

Travel season = travel knitting. When flying, please remember- many of the decisions are left to the discretion of the individual TSA agents. The link to the TSA website for the "forbidden stuff" list can be found here.

Alternatives to in-flight knitting include: reading about knitting, listening to knitting podcasts, or, you know, reading a regular book. (Oh yeah, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee -aka, the Yarn Harlot- will be at the Maker Faire on Saturday, May 3rd.)

Mother Knows Best

Jasmin talks about knitting bag/ purse selections. Gigi points out the awesomeness of Knitting Daily.
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Our promo! Enjoy and spread the goodness!
Direct download: Knitmore_Girls_Promo.mp3
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Road Trip! - The Knitmore Girls - Episode 2

In this episode we record on the road. (Apologies for the "ambient road noise".)

Jasmin buys a (heir)loom, Gigi knits socks.

We talk about ergonomics in knitting, and Jasmin has a crisis as to what to knit with her Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. Any ideas?

Direct download: Knitmore_Girls_-_Episode_2.mp3
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And... begin! - The Knitmore Girls - Episode 1  

Our first show!

Introductions- find Jasmin and Gigi on Ravelry

We're knitting:
We review:
-Spring 2008 Knitter's Magazine
-Patternworks catalog
Direct download: Knitmore_Girls-_Episode_1.mp3
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