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On the Needles:(0:34)

Gigi is knitting the Poza cowl by Ysolda, out of Floating from A Verb For Keeping Warm.

The busy lace part is done, working on the rest, stockinette and small lace motifs for a few rows and more stockinette

Jasmin has finished the front and back of  her Aumangea pullover by ArohaKnits (check the link for a discount code from Frenchie!), and is halfwayish down the first sleeve.


Jasmin is nearly finished with her Sarcastic Unicorn Sockhead Cowl.

This year Gigi  has Non-Euclidian heel socks on the needles in Paton's Kroy, working on three different pairs, Cherry Pop Stripes, "Rainbow Stripes" and "Purple Haze". She Kitchenered  all three, plus Genevieve’s thigh high socks. Stockings?


Jasmin has swatched and started her Polwarth pullover out of Neighborhood Fiber Co capital luxury sport in “Sanctuary City”.

Gigi is knitting another Rocky Coast cardigan. Sleeves are separated. She now needs to knit to the waist.  Slow going

Jasmin swatched for her Vneck boxy, Frost Yarns reverse speckle rainbow

Gigi cast on first project from Stitches West 2019

Drea’s Shawl Oink Pigment in Birthday Suit, Zoot Suit, and Dijon Vu.   Thinking that the contrast color I really want is a dark shade of red

Start with 3 stitches , now have over 80 need to go for 175

Jasmin is working on her Viajante.


Events: (12:33)

- May 18 (tentative) Spinning at the winery


In Stitches:(40:20)

- Jasmin: wool socks, looped loop cowl, Resistance hat, Random Vneck pullover, cashmere aran wrap shawl, Fox Hat

- Gigi : Quynn hat with ear flaps, Knitmore cowl, wool socks, Old V-neck, Beast Master shawl,

- Genevieve: Gryffindor scarf and hat,

- Andrew: Cashmere Andrew’s Watch Caps,


Mother Knows Best:(46:00)

2588 - how to store FOs


When Knitting Attacks:(48:56)

Gigi:  pulled Poza out of the bag, half a dozen stitches jumped off. Slick yarn, had to knit up a few that had run

Jasmin: Can’t get gauge for vneck boxy. THREE SWATCHES SO FAR



This week we review: Glow Up collection


And Sew On:(1:03:07)

Teacher returned my size 10 sloper.  And paper pattern

Also graded my knit sloper.  Halter top is on the model waiting to be graded.  Today’s style is scheduled to be an empire top.

With Genevieve: Elsa dress got the overlay re attached, parrot got the popped seam in his back


Mattress stitched.

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