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Mugshots - Episode 85 - The Knitmore Girls

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Abstract Fiber is
celebrating the new year with new yarn! Hepburn is a merino/silk blend with 1000 yards in each 100g hank. Delightful to work with, just a little shine, and as usual, no knots. Hepburn comes in 11 colors including chocolaty Mousse, and micro-brew inspired Hopworks. Celebrate 2010 with Hepburn!

It's been a week of wicked winter weather here in the Bay Area. Even so, we at Purlescence Yarns are turning our thoughts to spring. Why, you ask, when the sky is pouring down
buckets of rain? New yarns are beginning to arrive to brighten our shelves for spring! This week we received Ultra Pima from our good friends at Cascade Yarns. This shiny 100% mercerized Pima cotton knits to sportweight. We're envisioning tanks and shells and summer cardigans. For more news on new arrivals, follow us on Twitter, username Purlescence.

On the Needles: (00:35)

Gigi continues working on her dishcloth baby blanket. Jasmin is nearly finished knitting her Looped Loop cowl. Gigi is taking a hands-on approach to reviewing Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters (by Cat Bordhi), and is working with the Abstract Fiber Supersock in "Be Mine". Jasmin has finished the knitting on her Mondo Cable Cardi (stay tuned for KAL updates and details), knit out of Abstract Fiber Miro Worsted in "Twilight".

Jasmin has started blocking the Tweedy Pie jacket for Boo. Jasmin is continuing to work on her "Hey Jude" handspun socks from Crown Mountain Farms. Jasmin has a goal to finish three sweaters to wear to Stitches West. We briefly talk about the most recent episode of Project Runway.

Events: (18:16)

Come and see us at Stitches West! Meet and greet TBD.

Ravelympics Training: (20:15)

You can find Team Knitmore here, and Team Sasquatch here.

Week 4: Hunt for errata.

Jasmin talks about different methods for hunting down errata. We'll be doing a live chat on Ravelry during the lighting of the Olympic Torch. Special thanks to PegOfTilling for designing our FABULOUS Ravelympics logos! (You can get your Team Knitmore swag here.)

Mother Knows Best: (27:48)

We discuss treacherous knitting photography, the need for schematics, and mugshots.

Contest: (33:20)

Enter your story in our "Most Welcomed Knit Gift" contest by February 6th. Gigi shares a story.

When Knitting Attacks: (40:20)

Jasmin realizes that wet blocking is not always appropriate.

Straw into Gold: (45:11)

Jasmin continues spinning on Duchess (from Jean Near). She has started reading "The Knitters Book of Wool".

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Two scarves for Grandpa - Episode 84 - The Knitmore Girls

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This week: Are you ready for Stitches West? Here at Purlescence Yarns we're busily knitting new designs and planning our booth. Come in or call today for 10% off supplies for your Stitches classes. Proof of registration is required. We'll be announcing special Stitches events on the Knitmore Girls podcast in the coming weeks

On the Needles: (00:31)

We go to knitting almost every night this week! Gigi continues work on her dishcloth baby blanket. Jasmin is still working on the Looped Loop cowl out of the Plymouth Yarns Royal Cashmere. Gigi has picked up her Origami Sweater again. Jasmin is trying to finish her Mondo Cable Cardi (knit out of the Abstract Fiber Miro, in "Twilight"). Stay posted for our Mondo Knit-a-long! Gigi has picked up her Scandinavian Socks (out of the Little Box of Socks), and needs a refresher on her Fair Isle technique.

We make reference to the Philosopher's Wool Book (Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified). Gigi winds a mile of Skaska Cashmere/Silk lace yarn for Jasmin, who is aspiring to knit the Lily of the Valley Shawl by Galina. We talk about our favorites on the newest season of Project Runway. (Go, Seth Aaron!)

Contest: (17:43)

We talk about our Most Welcomed Gift contest! We share two of our favorite stories.

Mother Knows Best: (26:58)

We discuss proportion in garments. Jasmin cheats proportions with heels. Gigi suggests big hair to change proportions.

Events: (32:02)

We will be attending Stitches West! Meet and greet TBD.

Ravelympics Training: (33:20)

Week three: Wind your yarn and swatch.
(You can find Team Knitmore here, and Team Sasquatch here.)

When Knitting Attacks: (34:59)

Gigi rips out a sock out of Opal. Gigi's Ellina Shawl continues to be problematic.

Straw into Gold: (39:57)

Jasmin makes a spinning plan to hit her Ravelympics goal. She practices her woolen spinning.
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Knitting: The Final Frontier - Episode 83 - The Knitmore Girls

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This week: Spin your winter doldrums away with Purlescence Yarns. Whether you let your spindle fly or give your wheel a whirl, we're here for all your spinning needs. We've recently received a shipment of Ashford's new sliding hook flyer Joy wheels, along with flyer upgrades and drum carders. All large equipment comes with an hour of free instruction or equivalent value book. Wheels and carders are ready to ship today!

On the Needles: (00:29)

Gigi continues to work on the interminable dishcloth baby blanket (pictured above). Jasmin has finished knitting the pieces for the Boo Jacket. Gigi is working on her Ellina shawl. Jasmin's "Stealth" project (that is nearly complete) is the Mondo Cable Cardi (by Bonne Marie Burns) out of the Abstract Fiber Miro Worsted (color: Twilight). Gigi has finished the Cynthia Vanilla Sock out of Berroco Sox Metallic. Gigi is working on an UFO! She is putting fringe on Ursula's Lady Eleanor out of Soy Wool Stripes.

Jasmin is sticking to Jasmin 2010 by finishing the pieces for the Boo Sweater, then finishing the Mondo Cable Cardi, but succumbs to temptation because of cashmere, the scrunchable cowl, and the Looped Loop cowl. Jasmin mentions Tika teaching her how to do the provisional cast-on with her fingers. (You can find Tika's podcast is Gives Good Knit.)

We talk about a bit about the Star Trek Exhibit at the Tech Museum, and the costumes.

Mother Knows Best: (18:12)

This week, we talk about taking classes and learning modalities.

Ravelympics Training: (27:18)

Gigi has decided to knit a Color Your Own Sweater (by Philosopher's Wool), Jasmin has decided to knit the Seneca sweater (by Jared Flood).

You can find Team Knitmore here, and Team Sasquatch here.

This week: Buy or unearth your materials.

Promo for The Knitting Show.

Contest! (31:45)

We announce the winners for the "Do Some Good" contest. We launch the "Most welcomed gift" contest, which closes on February 6th, 2010. The prize for this contest is the 2007 Interweave Knits CD (courtesy of listener, JuliaAngeline).

When Knitting Attacks: (35:01)

Gigi knits too many repeats on her Ellina. Jasmin encounters tangled cashmere, and has declared that "This really tangles my cashmere!" is her new exasperated phrase. Gigi hits a bump with the Boo Jacket lining.

Straw into Gold: (39:54)

Jasmin is spinning half of the Falkland (from Crown Mountain Farms "Fiber of the Month" club) woolen, and half of it worsted.

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Go 2010! - Episode 82 - The Knitmore Girls

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This week: Happy New Year from Purlescence Yarns! We're ringing in the new year with gorgeous lace shawl patterns from Goddess Knits and a brand new shipment of Dream in Color Starry in glorious shades. Amy Butler knitting bags at 50% off! Call or come in today for best selection. As always, we happily ship anywhere in the world, bringing a little bit of local yarn store straight to your front door!

On the Needles: (00:28)

If you haven't heard it yet, the Barbara Walker interview is live!

Gigi is still working on the dishcloth baby blanket (on the decreases). Jasmin is still working on both her Hey Jude handspun socks and the Boo Sweater. Gigi has nearly finished a pair of Cynthia Vanilla Socks out of Berroco Sox Metallic. We have been listening to the Savvy Girls' Podcast. We play the Knit Cents Podcast promo.

Ravelympics Trials: (10:46)

Join Team Knitmore here, or Team Sasquatch here. Week 1: Pick your project.

Mother Knows Best: (14:26)

Gigi talks about reclaiming/resetting frogged yarn.

Contest: (17:45)

The end of the "Do Some Good" contest is 1/9. Get your submissions in!

Straw into Gold: (19:31)

Jasmin has finished plying up the Abstract Fiber Superwash Merino in "Chartreuse". Jasmin has finished the first pound of "Crimson Shadows" for Gigi. Jasmin talks about the Falkland sheep breed, micron count, and reviews the Falkland Top from the Crown Mountain Farms Fiber of the Month club. Jasmin also talks about referring to the OKSU "Breeds of Livestock" page .

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Director's Cut- Barbara Walker

Photo taken from, The Opinionated Knitter, by Elizabeth Zimmermann; used by permission of Schoolhouse Press.

This Director's Cut episode has been brought to you ad-free by:


Special thanks to Lisa, Maribel, Chloe Sparkle, Schoolhouse Press, and Barbara Walker.


Lisa and Maribel meet Barbara the day before we interview her.

Chatting with Barbara:

Barbara talks about Mary Walker Phillips' books, and James Norbury's book. You can find Barbara Walker's books here.

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