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Yarn fumes! - Episode 11 - The Knitmore Girls

Jasmin and Gigi have been down sick (or traveling), so here's another double episode!


Jasmin's "Not Your Standard Issue Sweatshirt" made of the diVe "Autunno". Ravelry link here.
(Her changes include darts, lenthening the sweater, knitting it in the round, and knitting the sleeves top-down-magic-loop-two-at-a-time.) The trick to knitting sleeves top-down is to reverse the directions. Bwa ha ha.

Yarn Review:

DiVe "Autunno". Lots of knots. 9 balls, each ball had a knot. Jasmin was not pleased. She won't buy it again. Uncool.

Jasmin likes the Yarn Girls' books for handpainted yarns.

Jasmin is knitting another "NYSIS" out of Malabrigo "Little Lovely". She also bought yarn while traveling in Maine.

Speaking of traveling, please join my "kindness, pleasant, and decent" movement. This is redundant, I'm sure for our listeners, but pay it all forward.

Jasmin's new spinning wheel arrived! It's 30" double treadle Schacht-Reeves Saxony wheel in Cherry. Friends conspired, and the wheel was waiting for her upon her arrival.

Jasmin is breaking it in and remembering that it's a bit of work. Breaking in a wheel means getting all the parts lubricated and moving. Alas, she [the wheel] needs a name. Suggestions?

On the Needles:

Gigi is trying to get through her Icarus. She's doing the double basket socks, and has finished the Monarch Casbah socks. FO!

Gigi has also been lusting after some Regia since January, and Purlescence put it on sale. "High on wool fumes" doesn't begin to describe it.

It turns out that Jasmin isn't a stash-buster. Her stash has gotten her through some slim times. Like a savings account, minus the interest.

We talk about the evolution of our knitting, from Jasmin's functional obsession with socks to lace, Gigi's knitting changes because she's going through a period of personal growth. Growing as a knitter makes them feel smart.

Jasmin has put together a label to use on her gift socks. It looks like this:

Dee Socks

If you'd like the template (in Word), shoot us an e-mail and we'll send it to you.

Mother Knows Best:

When knitting lace in dark colors, have something white on your lap to help with the contrast.

Ease gives Gigi a hard time.

When Knitting Attacks:

Figure out ease before you start knitting.

Knitting Events:

Tour de Fleece. Spin up your stuff during the Tour de France. Jasmin is using the Tour de Fleece to "train" for the Knitting Olympics. (The Knitting Olympics start 8/8/08.) Join Team Knitmore! (We'll have a logo soon.)

Thanks to our show sponsor, Purlescence Yarns.

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