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On the Needles:(0:34)

Jasmin made progress on the test knit for ThePetiteKnitter (cottongrass jumper) in malabrigo worsted,

finished sleeve 1, finishing sleeve 2 today, worked on the body in the dark..(#MyRhineBIPOCSweater Join the Ravelry Group! , #BIPOCMAL2019). Jasmin mentions

the  #BIPOCMAL2019, which starts in September and ends in November.

Gigi made two more hexagons for the Polygon blanket.

Gigi  worked on the  Regia Pairfect .

Gigi washed and blocked old projects: Vitamin D cardigan by Heidi Kirmaier

Newsprint cowl,

Jasmin mentions Rex's Oliver Sweater, and the OXO drying racks

We will be collecting hats (locally) for refugees in New England.

Maine Access Immigrant Network

237 Oxford St., Suite 25A

Portland, ME 04101

Gigi knitted an Armley beanie by Woolly Wormhead out of pink yarn. 

Needs blocking and end weaving 

Events: (14:45)

- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing. 


- #BIPOCMAL2019 Sep-Nov

- PIQF October 17-20


- True North Hearts and Hands donations: 

-Half marathon for the knitting group to work on baby layette

In Stitches (18:16)

Jasmin wore her Dissent Cardigan, and her Aumungea Pullover.

Rex: Oliver sweater

Genevieve: Hearthstone Pullover

Gigi is wearing her A-line skirt from the beginning clothing construction class

Mother Knows Best:(21:36)

Check your stash first.

Do Stash Fit.

When Knitting Attacks: (28:25)

Pairfect kids socks: don’t like how they look.  Also, need to shorten the leg to ankle length 

Soaked the Purlbreak, had issues with red spots on white contrasts 

Vitamin C cardigan: Not sure if I have use for a white wool cardigan 

Jasmin: Kept overshooting the sleeve decrease while watching “Us”. Spilled a cocktail on the body.

And Sew On:(43:50)

In Gigi’s sewing class at Cañada College she got the muslin for her skirt fitted; she re-did the back and sewed it with basting stitches.

Couture Embellishments class at West Valley College continues. 

Gigi turned in quilting technique samples, and she is working on smocking and cartridge pleating samples.  

The midterm project is supposed to be Embellishment and rejuvenation of something out of the closet; the final is supposed to be sewn from scratch

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