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A Mother-Daughter Knitting Podcast.

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On the Needles:(0:30)

Jasmin mentions Stashfit, and kitting up projects. She talks about the Comfort Fade cardigan

Jasmin is Very Optimistic about her ability to knit entire sweaters. Jasmin swatched, washed, and

cast on her Aumangea Pullover.


Gigi is knitting the Poza cowl by Ysolda, out of Floating from A Verb For Keeping Warm.

Jasmin is working on her Viajante. She had a dream about wearing it.

Let us know your arbitrary knitting rules.

Gigi is working on another one of the gradients for the polygon blanket.

Gigi knitted Vanilla is the New Black socks last year.This year she  has Non-Euclidian heel socks on

the needles, working on three different pairs, Cherry Pop Stripes, "Rainbow Stripes" and "Purple Haze".

You can get all of the colors of Paton's Kroy from Craftsy (currently sold out, check back).

Gigi is knitting house colors from MustStashYarn for Genevieve.

Jasmin cast on and knit on a Sockhead Slouch Cowl out of a One Twisted Tree sock blank in

“Sarcastic Unicorn” and knit on it during Sweeney Todd.

Gigi also wants to set up Curls by Hunter Hammersen. Spent an afternoon winding yarn. 6 greys and six reds

She has cast on another Rocky Coast cardigan


Events: (25:13)

- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing.

- Stitches West, February 21-24 2019

- Stitches West registration


In Stitches:(27:13)

- Jasmin: wool socks,looped loop cowl, Goin Gold Hat, ribbi cardi, Parkland Boxy, Frozen Hearts

- Gigi : Quynn hat with ear flaps, Greyhaven hat, sockhead cowl,out of Knitcircus Yarn in a gradient,

probably in Shades of Grey, Knitmore cowl, Lorelei cowl, wool socks,

- Genevieve: Gryffindor scarf and hat

-Andrew: Cashmere Andrew’s Watch Caps,

- Rex: Oliver sweater


Mother Knows Best:(33:22)

We talk about different stash swap styles, and how to discuss hard topics in your crafting group.

Updating our vanilla sock pattern to use a yarn from a company who shares our values.


When Knitting Attacks:(41:24)

Gigi: Rocky Coast. Frogged and restarted.  

Hexagon blanket.  Spectacularly lost game of chicken




Ten Architectural Knits by Nora Gaughan

Gigi mentions the HOAX Fashion Formula


And Sew On:(48:45)

Gigi is trying to sew or do something sewing related every day. Building routines to make time for sewing.

Mending: changing buttons.  Jasmin mentions Thimble Its

Gigi loves Iris pins.

Sewing one seam per night on the Ribbi Cardi. Really hard, sleeve edges are challenging.


Gigi is drafting another moulage/sloper using the instructions from Suzy Furrer’s Book

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