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On the Needles:(0:36)

Jasmin turned the heel of the “Don’t Go in the Shower” self-striping yarn (black light reactive)

from White Birch Fiber Arts. ‘Tis the season! #operationsockdrawer, Jasmin mentions

Glow in the Dark yarn.


Gigi is knitting lots of Vanilla Is The New Black out of Patons Kroy. And she started yet another new pair

because she needed something autopilot to knit.  Gigi is still working on Sunburst Stripe, another in

Mexicala Stripes, Turquoise Stripes, and one in Sweet Stripes.

She got them past heel increases You can get all of the colors of Paton's Kroy from Craftsy

Would like to knit socks for my aunties with wool allergies.

Jasmin likes Lux Adorna cashmere. Jasmin is beading the endless fringe.


Gigi is waiting for more yarn to finish the Purlbreak.

Gigi is knitting the Vitamin D sweater for her #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL

started the second short row part of the body. Jasmin set it up in knitCompanion on the iPad

She found a groove, and will need to dig up more stitch markers to mark the wrap and turns.

Needs about an hour to knit 4 rows.


Events: (6:32)

- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing. Jasmin is knitting the Fading Lines from Joji Locatelli

- Stitches West, February 21-24 2019

- Stitches West registration  


In Stitches:(9:19)

- Jasmin: greyhaven hat (made by BostonJen), wool socks and Clear Converse .

- Genevieve: Molly hat by KnittyBarb

- Gigi : blue hat with waves, hat with ear flaps

Blue regia socks, Saturn series that I knitted early in the podcast , wool socks


Mother Knows Best:(11:09)

This week we talk about being a better listener/examining your privilege. Taking your kids to vote.

Register to vote in the US, and check your registration status.

Make sure you are in contact with your representative, use Resistbot.

Outlines in Discourse, lovingly Purloined from LittleSkeinAnne:

"My Instagram feed + website are safe spaces to share civil discourse. Different viewpoints are OK,

but it’s not OK make fiery or sarcastic comments at me or others."


When Knitting Attacks:(17:30)

Gigi has been knitting lots of Vanilla is the new Black socks.



This week we review: Strange Brew


And Sew On:(28:38)

Gigi’s is taking Fashion Design 2 at West Valley College

Class started pants.  Teacher did a power point presentation, to print out.  All the points necessary

to draft pants. Started at school, finished at home, asked one question and finished drafting the pattern.

Metal washers for pattern weights. Gigi likes her Gingher shears. We like to have knives and scissors

sharpened at Williams Cutlery. Crimping sleeve cap with nylon lining didn’t work.


Wash fabric before working with it.

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