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Rhinebeck in a nutshell - Episode 74 - The Knitmore Girls

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Special thanks to Miss Kalendar (host of Brass Needles) for co-hosting this week!

On the needles: (00:25)

A one-minute Gigi health update. Erin is working on the Tangled Yoke cardigan out of Colinette Jitterbug (in green). Jasmin is working on the Serpentine Mitts (by Miriam Felton) in the Claudia's Handpaint (color: Rubies Playing). Erin has some holiday knitting on the horizon, and is knitting baby socks for the 52 pair plunge.

Jasmin has unearthed her Carli (from the first Knit(more)-a-long, which is knit it Malabrigo Little Lovely. Jasmin will be knitting another sweater for Boo (the Tweedy Pie jacket from Monkeysuits), and found the perfect vintage rhinestone buttons for it.

Jasmin does her Rhinebeck recap, and reccommends listening to Jackie and Meghan's recaps. You can watch the videos here (caution, light language), and see Jackie and Meghan's flickr streams.

The sock Knit(more)-a-long starts today! Gigi is knitting the Mesmer Sock out of Abstract Fiber's Supersock in "Bonfire", Jasmin is knitting the Uptown Girl Sock out of Lisa Souza's Superwash BFL in "Fuschia".

When Knitting Attacks: (54:05)

Erin's Tangled Yoke hits a snag. Jasmin's Serpentine mitts start with a roomy thumb gusset. Sock gnomes have absconded with some of Erin's baby socks.

Straw into Gold (1:02:00)

Jasmin and Erin get a box of fleeces back from Shari!

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