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There is no cure like travel! - The Knitmore Girls - Episode 3

(Yes, this really is my luggage.)

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This week, Gigi has startitis and works on her (slightly troubled) t-shirt sweater. Jasmin is working on her hot pink Ice Queen, and buys some roving (for science!) at Color: A Fiber Festival.

(Vendors we talk about include Tactile Fiber Arts / A Verb for Keeping Warm, Pigeonroof Studios, and Girl on the Rocks.)

Travel Knitting

Travel season = travel knitting. When flying, please remember- many of the decisions are left to the discretion of the individual TSA agents. The link to the TSA website for the "forbidden stuff" list can be found here.

Alternatives to in-flight knitting include: reading about knitting, listening to knitting podcasts, or, you know, reading a regular book. (Oh yeah, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee -aka, the Yarn Harlot- will be at the Maker Faire on Saturday, May 3rd.)

Mother Knows Best

Jasmin talks about knitting bag/ purse selections. Gigi points out the awesomeness of Knitting Daily.
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