Knitmoregirls's Podcast
A Mother-Daughter Knitting Podcast.

On the Needles:(0:40)

Jasmin re-started her Sprig pullover by Alana Dakos in Lisa Souza Superwash Merino in

“Squashblossom”, and had more success with it using the KnitCompanion app. Jasmin used her

Try-it-on-tubing, and figured out that she needs more room in the armhole (measured commercial shirts).

Two lifelines! (out of Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton).


Jasmin enthuses about Andrea Mowry's Fade Designs.


Gigi is working on the green part of the Welcome blanket in Berroco Comfort.

It takes one episode of Project Runway to do a square.  29 green squares are done so far.


Jasmin finished the first sock in Oink Pigments Roy G Pig” to replace the one on

our Knitmore Vanilla Sock pattern, and is at the heel flap on the second sock. #operationsockdrawer


Gigi is knitting : Robin’s Hooded Bandana Cowl, Out of Neighborhood Fiber Co,  in Studio Chunky in the

"Reservoir Hill" colorway.

Jasmin is making some progress on her Viajante.


Gigi: wound yarn for Spector (we call it "Spectra") pullover, Joji Locatelli, Neighborhood Fiber Co

Studio Dk Shades of Grey, superwash.  Yarn is wound, need to swatch some more.


Events: (20:40):

- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is BACK ON!

- May 18 Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery

- Stash Dash May 24 till August 24

-May 15 Knitgirllls rule change episode

-Until May 24 Knitgirllls are doing a clothing conservation month

- May  31 till end of August,Two Ewes Knot along

-Tour de Fleece July 6-28, training starts May 22


In Stitches:(29:16)

- Genevieve: Gryffindor Scarf and hat

Gigi mentions #memadeMay. Too cold to wear the A line skirt from Clothing Construction I.

Jasmin and Gigi reminisce about the Million Dollar Dress.


Mother Knows Best:(35:10)

This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about

Never will I ever!  We mention Monsterpants, Rebecca Danger, and Knitted Lingerie.


When Knitting Attacks:(44:15)

Gigi is attacked by Robin’s Hooded Bandana Cowl. She is going to frog it and use the numbers from the


Gigi is also not getting gauge on her Spector pullover.  The pattern was written for fingering yarn, I

am working with dk


And Sew On:(49:45)

Dress for our final project: Have draped it on a school form in muslin. Need to copy it onto paper for the


pattern.  Next step is to sew it out of muslin to make sure that it fits. #westvalleycollegesews

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