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Seeking inspiration - Episode 9 - The Knitmore Girls

On the needles:

Gigi- checkerboard socks out of Casbah in Monarch

Jasmin- still working on the Blackberry Swirl socks, and has cast on the Adamas shawl out of Colrain Lace in Grape Jelly on size 4 needles.

Gigi is going to cast on her Somoko yarn. Pattern will be the Curved Lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi needs a bout of startitis. She's out of interesting UFOs. Jasmin needs to finish an 8 year old UFO.

Mother Knows Best:

Spit splicing. A good idea, but spit is icky, and so is chewing on yarn. Use a shotglass, dip your joined section, and rub between your hands. This way, your garment stays spit-free!


WorldWide Knit in Public Day! Saturday, June 14th. We'll be at Santana Row from 1PM- 4PM. Be there!

Seasonal Knitting:

What do you knit in the summertime? We knit socks, lace, and microfiber ribbon shells.

Jasmin needs to finish her Tempting shell.

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