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Now with more Sparkle - Episode 57 - The Knitmore Girls

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This week: Nathania & Sandi are at TNNA, selecting the finest yarns, patterns, and tools. Tune in next week, when they’ll be joining the Knitmore Girls to discuss beautiful yarns, trends for fall, and what great new products to look for on our shelves. Bring a little bit of our LYS to your home by following us on Twitter @purlescence and searching for Purlescence Yarns on Facebook!

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Events: (00:30)
We will be in attendance at the Sock Summit (August 6-9), and will be doing a meet-and-greet with goodie bags! Stay tuned for details.

On the Needles: (2:25)

Chloe is working on a crocheted starfish blanket (out of Little Lovely Bulky Malabrigo) and a Windfall blanket.

Jasmin has finished her Monkeys! She knit them out of the Burgundy color of the Regia Silk. Chloe talks about having finished one Pomatomus and one Baudelaire equaling one pair of Cookie A socks. Jasmin finished her former "show notes" socks, out of Lisa Souza's "Serrano" superwash merino (in Mahogony). She ran short, so one toe is her "warm gold" in superwash merino.

Chloe is knitting a Dr. Who scarf. Jasmin's Katarina cardigan is nearly finished. She is knitting it out of the Tess Yarns Silk and Merino. Chloe discusses her method for setting in sleeves. If you're doing either the Katarina Knit-a-long or the Carli Knit-a-long, Julie Weisenberger has offered technical support along with purchase of her patterns. Chloe mentions the ScrunchableSunshine on a Cloudy Day socks, with modifications.

cowl. Jasmin continues to work on her Mother Knows Best: (21:45)

This week, we discuss answering Muggle questions while knitting in public. We also discuss "Crochate" and "crochenvy". They ask you, "What are the questions you get while knitting in public? How do you answer them?"

When Knitting Attacks: (32:46)

Jasmin has ripped out her Sunshine socks again for optimal fit. Shoot Jasmin an email ( for chart adjustments. (Jasmin also talks about the Dream in Color Starry, which is new at Purlescence.) Jasmin will also be ripping back her Cabletinis, since they are enormous.

After discussion about the source of Jasmin's toe-up sock ennui, Chloe suggests a heel swatch.

Straw into Gold: (42:53)

Jasmin answers Meghan's call out for the Lace Gauntlet Throwdown. Jasmin has been washing her fleeces in lock formation, using tulle. You can see pictures of the fleeces here.

Chloe has spun some Alpaca/Merino/Silk from Abstract Fiber in the Autumn colorway, which she Navajo-plied and knit a hat out of. Chloe spins on a Kromski Sonata.

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