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Mother's day special - Episode 5 - The Knitmore Girls

Happy Mother's Day! Have a margarita.

Pause the podcast and call your mother!

Done? Good, let's move on.

Gigi reminisces on past Mother's days.

On the Needles:
Mother's day gifties! Red lace yarn, glass circular needles from Michael & Sheila Ernst, and the Persephone Scarf

Learning together:
Knit to fit- Rick Mondragon
Corset making
Judith MacKenzie Dyeing clss
TA-ing for each other

When Knitting Attacks:
Gigi's Einstein goes haywire. The "Frankenstein Sweater". (Available in The Knit Stitch.)
Jasmin's Einstein kills her knitting mojo. Gigi finishes it, and Jasmin gives the accursed thing to Ursula.
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