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Get out and knit! - The Knitmore Girls - Episode 7

On the needles:

Right side wrong side socks - Gigi (from the Little Box of Socks) knit with the Jojoland Melody sock yarn.

Persephone scarf
- Jasmin - by Miriam Felton (she also designed the Juno Regina). Out of handspun Buffalo Gals bison.

Mystery socks are: Pagewood Farms Yukon Bamboo Sock yarn.

Desirée Baby Sweater Knit-a-long:
Gigi is knitting the Baby Yeti, Jasmin is knitting the Garter Rib sweater.

When Knitting Attacks:
Memorial Day sales lend themselves well to splurging on cashmere.

Mother Knows Best:

Get out and knit! Socialize!  Go to Stitch and Pitch!

Knitting News:

Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery- Saturday, May 31st.
Worldwide Knit in Public Day- June 14. We'll be at Santana Row

Other Stuff:
Franklin's Blog

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