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Finishing up a storm! - Episode 18 - The Knitmore Girls

On the Needles:

Gigi has finished her Olympic Sweater and her Waves and Piers socks (from the Little Box of Socks). She has run out of UFOs!

Jasmin has finished her Hedera Socks (made of copper-colored Koigu) and her fuschia ribbon shell (made of the Tess Designer Yarns Microfiber Ribbon).

[Tess Yarns is also a mother-daughter operation!] Follow the direction on the label as to how to wind the ribbon, and use Fray-Chek to secure your end. You'll thank us later.

Jasmin suggests watching an episode of something (like Deadwood [Mature Content], Big Bang Theory, or Shark Attack in the Mediterranean) while you carefully wind the ribbon.

Jasmin has spun some day-glo colored sock yarn out of CrazyMonkey roving. It's FABULOUS and retina-searing.

Hunting for inspiration, Jasmin tripped across the Henley Perfected in Ravelry. I "favorite"d this one.

Gigi mentioned permission slips for changing patterns in Episode 17. The card is a business card on the front and reads "This grands official permission to change patterns at will." We're giving these out in person, but if you'd like one and are not a local listener, we will be happy to mail them out for a $1 donation. This covers the stamp and envelope, and gives us a little pocket change for operational costs and show-related travel. (Click the Paypal button in the sidebar and donate if you're interested in participating.)

Fleeces! Listener Mollie pointed out that Jasmin had neglected to describe the fleeces from the wool auction. Jasmin whittled it down to the six fleeces she has snippets of. It turns out, they're all different shades of grey.  Shari from Morro Fleece Works is in posession of all dirty fleeces. (We love her.)

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi's collar on her Olympic Sweater was... off. She "auf'd" it, and reknitted it. Twice. It's better now.

Jasmin's knitting is not agreeing with her. Jasmin bought the mohair pictured above (with No-Blog-Rachel) for the Cardigan to Love. After a long day, late at night, Jasmin messed up the sweater on row 5 of the lace pattern. In mohair. That now needs ripping. Jasmin went stash diving and cast on the Henley Perfected.


Jasmin and Gigi will be attending the California Wool & Fiber Festival! We will be there Friday, September 12th and Saturday, September 13th. Come and say hi! )

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