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On the Needles:(0:32)


Jasmin’s Dissent Cardigan is finished. She mentions Splendid Apparel, by Anna Zilboorg.

She mentions the Couture Button tutorial.  Jasmin improved the perfect buttonhole!

Gigi purloins  "Feel Free to Compliment Me" from the Sewing Out Loud" podcast

Jasmin mentions the Welcome to the Flock cardigan there are two!

and the Frozen Hearts Pullover


She mentions the Diaphanous Raglan, the Rihanna Fenty lipstick.  She says it matches One Red

Shoe from Anzula.

Gigi cast on another pair of Vanilla is the new Black socks out of vacation yarn, and knitted most of the

leg during knitting group #operationSockdrawer

Gigi went to  EspaceTricot in Montreal while on Vacation

Jasmin mentions Diane (Lady Dye Yarns) and a Rhinebeck Garment KAL we're collaborating on!

She knitted on her  White Birch Fiber Arts socks in "A Study in Peach, Mint".

Jasmin has swatched for the Diaphanous Raglan. (#MyRhineBIPOCSweater, #BIPOCMAL2019). She

has also swatched for her Sevrine out of Neighborhood Fiber Co. Capital Luxury Sport in “Reservoir Hill”.


Jasmin mentions a kit from Neighborhood Fiber Co.(The #MyRhineBIPOCSweater KAL!).

Join the Ravelry Group, if you’re a BIPOC dyer, fill out the form, if

you’re a BIPOC designer, make sure you’re on the Black Squirrel List

Gigi is working on the Rocky Coast cardigan and finished hip increases 

Jasmin mentions the  #BIPOCMAL2019 , which starts in September and ends in November


Jasmin mentions Jessie Mae.  Check out her designs! And TinaTse Knits

 Jasmin mentions LittleSkeinAnne from the Social Proofing episode 

Jasmin’s Viajante is inching towards the mesh section.

Gigi: put a few rows on The Joker and the Thief shawl 

In Stitches (25:49)

Gigi wore a dress from over ten years ago.  It brings out the silver in her hair 


Events: (28:34)

- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing. 

- Stash Dash :May 24 till August 24. Hosted by the Knitgirllls FINISHED . Concession speech.

Act Blue Families Belong Together Donation

- May  31 till end of August: Two Ewes Not Along

 Not knitting, crochet, spinning or weaving


- PIQF October 17-20


Mother Knows Best:(35:12)

This week we talk about  baby gifts, True North Hearts and Hands donations: 


When Knitting Attacks:(41:24)

Gigi :Discovered that I made a mistake with where I put one dart for the hip increases 

Podcasters: if you have a promo that you would like us to air, send it!


Straw into Gold:(45:44)

Jasmin finished weaving a diaphanous shawl for Gigi. On her Schacht Flip


And Sew On:(50:10)

Gigi’s sewing class at Cañada College got fitted with the paper patterns.  She can start on the muslin now

Couture Embellishments class at Westvalley College started.  

Thinking of embellishing home dec items for final project.  


Also the class is supposed to make an "ethnic inspired" project.



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