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On the Needles:(0:49)

Gigi has gone monogamous, she finished the Russell Street shawl that had been languishing as a UFO.


Jasmin is nearly finished with her Tied Knots hat  out of Jade Sapphire cashmere.

Jasmin’s Frozen Hearts sweater is a measure, a little ribbing and a block away from being finished.


Gigi has Vanilla Is The New Black socks on the needles, out of Patons Kroy,  You can get all of the colors of

Paton's Kroy from Craftsy  in the "Deep End" colorway. She mentions the Siren books by Mira Grant.

(Rolling in the Deep, Into the Drowning Deep)

Jasmin has picked up her Viajiante.

Gigi read that you can set Perler Beads with the Cricut Easy Press

Jasmin is almost done with her Frozen Hearts pullover.

She wants to start the Dissent pullover

Jasmin mentions the Tale as old as Time cowl.


Events: (17:45)

- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing. Jasmin is knitting the Fading Lines from Joji Locatelli.

Gigi finished knitting the Vitamin D sweater for her #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL, pulled yarn from

Neighborhood Fiber Company. Not quite sure about what pattern

- Weinachtsmarkt, Dec. 8: 4-8 PM At Green Planet Yarns  (Andrea’s mom’s Glūhwein !!!)

- Stitches West, February 21-24 2019

- Stitches West registration


In Stitches:(22:38)

- Jasmin: wool socks, resistance hat, rainbow dots cowl, Bifrost Scarf, Fox hat, seneca pullover,

green twist cardigan, Greyhaven BostonJen hat

- Gigi : Quynn hat with ear flaps, Knitmore cowl, Christmas socks, wool socks,

- Genevieve: coronation sweater. Gryffindor scarf and hat

-Rex: Andrew’s woven scarf! Oliver sweater, If You Give a Pig a Pancake Jasmin mentions Beyond


-Andrew: Cashmere Andrew’s Watch Cap

-Sam: grey cap



- Grinchalong 2018 started Dec 1st. Great prizes. Pictures will be coming

Jasmin raves about the New York Times Chocolate Mousse recipe Mother Knows Best:(37:20)

Trust your gut feeling.

Jasmin mentions the Dissent cardigan


When Knitting Attacks:(45:42)

Gigi: Russell Street shawl.  Did decreases on the wrong side.  Tried to drop stitches to fix it.

Messed that up, had to frog about 10 rows



This week we review: Curls 3

by Hunter Hammersen Also: Curls, Curls 2


Oh, Darn!:(58:20)

Intermittent zigzag to fix frayed hems on Sam’s jeans

Tossed two pairs of pants where the zipper had separated


And Sew On:(1:02:55)

Gigi’s is taking Fashion Design 2 at West Valley College

She is posting progress pictures on social media (on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook as knitmoregirls).

Big project was due this past Thursday. Turned it in.  Had extra time, started on the Grinch bags.

Trying to set up an assembly line.


Spelling for toile after checking on

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