Knitmoregirls's Podcast
A Mother-Daughter Knitting Podcast.

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This Director's Cut is brought to you without commercial interruption by Abstract Fiber, the best place to buy the most beautiful yarn and fibers ever.


Things mentioned:


A knitted piece, Colorado (Closed now, no link)

Minnesota Knitter's Guild Fiber Blitz (Yarnover)

Carson's Swatchbuckling class

Hips and knees at 90ยบ; Feet flat on the floor

Goat Rock Pullover (In Joy of Color, maybe?)

Jamieson Spindrift

Janine Bajus

Mary [Scott Huff]

Portuguese Knitting, Andrea Wong

Carson's Designs (on Ravelry!)

medical rehab swivel seat

Norm Hall Saxony Wheel

Hansen MiniSpinner


Pocket Wheel


Lily, Carson's beautiful poodle



You can find Carson on Ravelry here, on Twitter hereon Instagram here, and his teaching calendar here

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