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On the Needles:(00:31)

Jasmin is working on the KAANTINEN Reverible Rib Cap, re-engineered to fit a baby. 

She finished the interminable ruffle on her Sothia. Jasmin has finished the knitting the Baby Blueberry Cardigan out of Claudia Handpaint and Cascade 220 sport. Only the handsewing remains. The Oat Couture Prairie Blanket is coming along nicely.  The Garter Yolk cardigan out of Jasmin's hand spun ( Susan's Spinning Bunny is BFL color blue jeans, and Lorna's laces, Merino, color jeans) is progressing nicely.

Gigi has finished Romi Hill's Taygete. The knitting is finished but it hasn't been documented.  We learned a new acronym: POIDH  Picture or it didn't happen.

She is also working on her second Ophidian by Sivia Harding and complaining because the needles she is using aren't as sharp as the Chia-goo needles she used on her last project.  She is also working on the Sothia, out of Abstract Fiber in Mighty Sock. And a non-descript vanilla sock.

Mother Knows Best: (17:41)

The question we answered from the thread is :How to improve and add to skills as a knitter.   Pick whatever skill interests you most and go for it.  The See One, Do One, Teach One technique was discussed and recommended.  We mentioned the Market Squares Bag from Knitter's Magazine.

And Sew On: (25:52)

Gigi is sewing a quilt our of Dr Seuss fabric from Beverly's with the Contra Dance pattern from Quilt Designs.  She is using a seasonal table cloth with a flannel lining as a design wall.

Review:  ( 33:53)

Entrelac : The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting by Rosemary Drysdale.  We liked the swatches and the photography.  We would have liked more photos of the garments.  (We really like the Lady Eleanor, and Entrelac Baby Blanket from Knitter's magazine better.) Jasmin liked the poncho and Gigi liked the wrap with angora.  We liked the swatches, the garments not so much.

Straw into Gold:(46:44)

Jasmin has been plying her singles for the Ten Year Sweater. She uses her Woolly Winder exclusively for plying because it packs the yarn tightly.  She also uses the Fricky Skein winder, because it measures yardage.  When she is done skeining her yarn, she ordered cards from Vista Print to label her handspun.

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